Why Call It Good Friday?

I can’t understand why the church
and most people call the day Jesus
was crucified “Good Friday”…

Why not call it Evil Friday
or Killin’ Friday.

And what’s up with Easter?
What happened to Resurrection Day?

Seems as if the Biblical religion has gone off the tracts…

Because it is the day god sacrificed a part of himself to himself so that his creation can be saved from his wrath…'m I making sense?

Makes no sense…

Bring your opinions! Verify your truths! Leave not humor at the wayside… My Two Cents!


You need to study some objective bible because right now you’re effectively stuck on the " makes no sense" mode!

if not for Judas is carrot hatungekua na holiday.

objective bible?

Always thought you were religious…

many times are when i am conflicted.

I know you are a Catholic. (Smiling emoji)

You can never understand

Ati Judas what? :D:D:D

Isn’t it good being saved from eternal fire…?? . That day that Jesus was crucified and died was the same day we were saved… Reconciled to God. We actually could start a new. God didn’t see it as loss for he knew His son would rise and at the end of it all He was merciful and his love overcame everything. Now, if that’s not goodness I don’t know the definition of good.

Get it??

So he sent himself to be killed and then cried to himself why he forsook himself then he went to sit on the right hand side of himself

Who gives a fuck? The follower of the man who mated with a nine years old girl and fucked his adopted son wife and claimed there is no adoption in Islam. Judging the guys who believe a god who was born from a royal family where the royal (Jose) had no conjugation with the virgin. :D:D:D:D:D:D am I right or am I right?
You can go lick an Emirs hadith that was written two hundred years after the hallucinations from the illiterate.

You have no reason to be “miffed” at Islam. You shouldn’t let your insecurities get such a grip on you!

However just to let you know, the response you gave me concerning the thread I made about is beyond lame…

Quit spilling your frustrations on Islam, if you’re butthurt of the truth!

Stick to the TOPIC!!!

The centerpiece of Christianity’s gospel is that Jesus died for your sins and you must believe it to be saved, but Jesus and the real apostles never taught that gospel to the people while Jesus was alive…

The “gospel” according to your Christian religion is that Jesus died for your sins and you have to believe that in order to be saved.

Jesus taught that if you do the Father’s will, you will be saved.

Jesus taught that if you loved God and loved your neighbor as yourself, you will have eternal life.

Jesus and the 12 real apostles NEVER taught the Paul gospel to the people.

Jesus and the 12 real apostles NEVER told the people that Jesus had come to die for their sins and that they had to believe that in order to be saved.

Paul screwed the new testament. He was the first corruptor of the doctrines of Jesus