Why Batman v Superman is the greatest movie of all time.

BvS is darkly realistic deconstructionist masterwork in which the same basic approach Snyder gave to Watchmen is applied to Superman and Batman (MoS is as well, although to a lesser extent.) A film that actively challenges and upends expectations and assumptions about the superhero film genre (and then superhero mythology). It is anything but a standard take on the meaning of these characters psychologically and culturally. In fact it is a radical departure. And in so doing it transcends the genre about as far as possible.

Misapprehended by I would estimate 98% of viewers, although even if folks did understand what Snyder was doing artistically most would hate it even more. (And for saying that I’m sure haters will call me a hipster or a movie retard mjinga or whatever names get their rocks off together by smugly mocking ideas and worldviews that don’t align with their own.)

Personally, I believe that embedded within the film (along with MoS) is an allegory (i.e., characters symbolize big philosophical ideas beyond just serving a dramatic function) for how the human psych would react to unmistakable worldwide confirmation that “we are not alone in the universe”

It is my favorite film of all time. Most people can’t appreciate it, and the mainstream hated it, and in my view that’s a shame. But I do believe that in time appreciation for what the film is doing at deeper levels will grow, and it will gradually gain greater acceptance.

Darknight was the best… [ATTACH=full]193464[/ATTACH]

The best batman films are the 3 Nolan films.
The best superman films are in the DC animated universe

Did you guys even read the post?

The death of Superman from DC animate was way Better

BvS isn’t even the best superhero film… Hata “Unbreakable” ya M. Night Shyamalan imeipita by far. And unlike most people, I will tell you why you are wrong. BvS is a mess.
Let me guess, Superman is the Ubermensch (I don’t know if I spelt it righy) and Luthor being triggered by that fact is allegory to Christianity or Nietzchean philosophy. Bible allusions left right and centre. Teal colour grade for gloomy ambience. Two people fighting for the same thing but for different reasons. I got all that. It was pretentious and preachy. And emo.
This is where I tell you why it sucked. It was a reactionary movie. DC waliona MCU iko successful and the appeal of the superhero genre wakaona wanataka a piece of the pie by creating a DCEU. With absolutely no prior planning. MCU has been around for a decade and DC wants to achieve that level of success with little to no time. The movie had so much shit going on. Supes alikuwa na movie moja pekee. Wanaintroduce Batman na Wonderwoman at the same time (without even giving the former a standalone movie afterwards). What do you get kids? Shit character development. Also shit villain. Not high enough stakes. Shit, out of the blue twist (“Martha”) if you had not read the comics. Shit ending. That is all for now.
PS. I also despise the whole of MCU except for Iron Man 1.

Mbosi weh… hebu tafuta na ucheki hii kitu ya zamani kisha utuambie mambo ya “greatest movie ever” :


There’s the recent redux version or director’s cut similarly good if not better:


Poetry in cinema. It even has a very young Neyo, he of the Matrix franchise. Lawrence Fishburne. Hio movie hata leo bado ni impressive in terms of scope and message.

Movie zimetengenezwa bana na ni mingi. Bridge of Remagen.

Kwa superhero hii movie iko na Josh Brolin:


Wamejaribu. It was a bit more cinematic than the usual noise and explosions. @screwplus , @Freakazoid put down the crack pipe, you are needed here.

BvS shouldn’t be in the same sentence with Watchmen

Man of Steel is a better movie

sin city

v for vendetta

If the above comic book movies are also considered superhero movies then hiyo BvS should not be ranked above these.

It was the shit.

300 na dawn of the dead ndio kali za snyder.

That movie was cool

Kill bill
The original Godzilla

For those hating on BVS as a bad movie and cramming a tonne of stories in trying to kickstart the DCEU.i completely understand.But it doesnt take away from the narrative brilliance that was achieved from the writer and director in drawing the humanization of almost every character from batman to lex luthor…

With soo many visualisation and biblical imagery in the movie.you know what zack was going for. An all powerful being vs a regular but well stocked billionaire with some serious FEAR issues.

All in All BVS was a well thoughtout movie with great potential for the furure of the DCEU…and yes that includes ‘Martha’