Why Aren't There Bleck Saudi Arabians Slave Descendants?

Everyone hates blecks.

In Argentina there was a genocide aganist blecks but they don’t talk about.

Only jewwish genocide is given unneccsary audince as if they are special beings.


what you talking about negro. There are maaannnyyy

Haujatembea, there are very many black Saudis, many have the name Al Dosari

Arabs used to castrate African men to prevent them from impregnating their women. By the time unaland kule gulf aboard a slave ship you were a eunuch. Unawacha waruu Africa.

Black citizens of middle eastern countries are more fucked up in the way they relate to African nyeuthiz, then the US niggers.

They are like Somalis x 1000

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We have black people everywhere. Even in India, the Carribbean Islands, Mainland Asia and other places you may never imagine


You have somalis

Ati al dosari… Do you know even what dosari means

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The average life span of an African Slave was between 1-10 miserable years depending on their sex , type of labour and fitness.

They lived in deplorable conditions , did not marry and the male ones were often castrated.
They were cheaper to own and maintain than even some domestic animals.

But that didn’t matter
There was a plentiful supply of them.

And this nonsense still exists in a modified form under the notorious racist “Kafala” System.
And your Hustler Leadership is complicit and benefits from the process.
( Notice - it is never applied to European Workers )

It continues in most of Middle East , Sudan ( especially in Darfur ) and the Arab Sahel Region.

This is the reason that I feel NOTHING when an Arab is killed anywhere.


@Ndindu @PHARMACY come see something here

Slavery is a process of de-humanization.
The Slave owner gets to determine Who you are and your entire destiny.

Within that horror process , you have brain washing , compartmentalization and regimentation …

  • House Niggers and Uncle Tom’s.
    The ones considered “tame and safe” enough to live in close proximity to the White or Arab owners - cooks , maids , wet nurses and nannies.
    They were often coloured or half cast bastards of the Slave owner and raped female slaves.
    They lived “high on the Hog” as they ate the Slave Master’s meal left-overs.
    ( …This habit persists in the Middle East - one hears stories of House Maids being fed meal left-overs …)

  • Trustees and Overseers.
    This was the Slave Master’s enforcement arm.
    They watched over Slaves and allocated tasks under the watchful eye of cruel white Overseers.
    They could punish or kill any Slave who did not perform or tried to escape.
    A fringe benefit they enjoyed was having sex with any slave ( male or female) that they wished.

You can imagine that after 300 years of this environment , our Black Brothers and Sisters still suffer serious confusion and an identity crisis.

No surprise that coupled with poverty , lack of proper education , health and economic opportunities and almost non existent family structures , most Black males in the US are destined for Crime, Prison or premature death while for Black females it is single motherhood , economic malaise and substance abuse

I understand where the Black Man in the USA is coming from when he thinks that he is superior to an African Man.

I know …
I have lived , studied and worked with them.
And they are not smarter than us.
In some cases , just slightly advantaged by their life options and circumstances.:blush:

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Somalis are gifted with plenty of land , natural resources and a low population.

Their problem is Clanism , backward cultural practices that obstruct Female empowerment , religious extremism and a piss poor leadership class.

Otherwise , they have great potential as demonstrated by the ones I have seen in the USA and Europe.

iyo story ya slaves sijui…but black Arabs uku niko ni wengi na ni mambo mbaya…they are the Arabian gangsters…wanaingianga izi manyumba za makemboi na kuwarape floor Kama 5 wakipiga nduru na hakuna karao anakam…hamjui watu wabaya kama hauja patana na hao black arabs nchi yao…alafu wanakuwanga stocky na mwili inakaa tu nguvu…na nilikuja kuambiwa they behave like that because the original Arabs in gulf wa black sasa ongeza iyo dini yao ya extemism

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They are called berbers ,likes of the Somalis.Who were also enslaved by the Arabs.

A good Arab is a dead Arab. But Bado utapata @mayekeke akilamba Muhammad mkundu

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Maze kukuwa black ni mashida tupu meeen

There were 2 types of castration…

  • Radical was loss of penis and testes.
  • Limited was loss of testicles.

Huge Black Nubians were usually a popular choice as Harem Guards for Concubines and Sexual Slaves of the rulers and rich classes.

However , those who still had penises were popular among the Harem since they “serviced” the ladies on a regular basis …
And could not impregnate them …
Of course , if they got discovered , it was instant death for both … :blush:

The reason their football national team doesn’t have black players but their neighbors have a couple