Why aren't North African countries as developed as Europe despite being part of Roman empire for ages?

Britain, France, Spain were also part of the roman empire. Goods, services and technology were flowing freely throughout the empire via the Mediterranean sea. From morocco to spain is just 13km which is like the distance from CBD to roysambu therefore there were very close interactions between the continents. What went wrong with our north african brothers?


Read your History and learn that The Romans & The Greeks got much of their knowledge from Africans. The Mediterranean region ha been conquered by various peoples over the course of time. Arabs, Africans, Turks

They adopted the useless religion called Islam and everything went downhill rom there

Arab invasion is what happened brother. The Arabization and Islamization of North Africa really fucked up that part of the world.

ISLAM: A curse sent by Al Saitan himself to ravage the human race!

Yaani you, an african, a Kenyan can write anything about the lack of development in Morocco, Algeria, Libya during Gaddafi, Egypt… wewe sasa

You mean cairo looks like Paris?



there are a lot of factors to their lack of progress.

To very grossly oversimplify, the Turks took over from the Romans. The Ottoman Turks never really bothered with industrial innovation. Islam and slavery that comes with it sufficed for them in their economy. Unlike Britain, France and Spain, they never bothered with naval exploration. No colonies in the new world, backwards leadership and ethnic rivalries in their empire made exploration an afterthought. Moreover, the Ottoman Turks were more concerned with retaining their European possessions(Balkans and Greece). When the Ottomans went bankrupt, their colonies in the Maghreb all went to the dominant European powers.

After their independence, the colonies never bothered with industrialization. Morocco’s sultans were only ever interested in retaining dictatorial power, Egypt picked losing battles with Israel, Gaddafi became an oil salesman, Tunisia became a police state and Algeria was stuck between reeling from the bloody independence war and trying to stop radical Islamists.

Today the current battle is to keep radical Islamists away from control of the countries. Algeria might succeed, Morocco and Tunisia as well. No such luck for Egypt and Libya.

It is not NAIROBI.


North Africans are actually not arabs but are Berbers or egyptians.


Studies on modern Egyptian DNA support the view that neither Egyptian Muslims nor Egyptian Copts (Christians) are Arab. All the invasions that Egypt has experienced over millennia, including the Arab invasion, do not seem to account for more than 15% of modern Egyptians’ ancestry.

So Egyptians are not genetically Arabs, but they may be so culturally and linguistically.

Most of Egypt’s Copts maintain that they are the purest bloodline to have descended from the ancient Egyptians. As one Coptic friend tells me: “I maintain that I’m not an Arab. I’m an Egyptian and of pharaonic descent. The only thing that ties me to the Arabs is the Arabic language.”

Today, though, the Arab identity of Egypt has begun to subside among some Egyptian Muslims too. This is particularly evident among the younger generation. In everyday conversation, the term “Arabs” is used to refer to inhabitants of the Gulf states.

Many Egyptians maintain a distinct Egyptian identity, and a strong sense of nationalism and patriotism can be noticed even in casual conversation. Even those in the poorest of circumstances cannot help feeling a sense of superiority over their neighbours across the Red Sea.

“We have thousands of years of history, culture and civilisation. They have nothing but oil barrels. Were it not for oil, they’d still be living in tents,” is a commonly expressed sentiment.

And the stolen kaaba.

The Greeks and Romans never interacted with any major Subsaharan African civilization.
The Greeks barely met any Sub Sahara. Africans. The only ones they were aware of were the Nubians whom they called Ethiopians.
The Romans DID meet Subsaharan Africans. Going as far as Lake Chad and our own Lamu to look for slaves to sell.
I am yet to see anything that is remotely African in Greek and Roman history, culture or architecture. At all!! They barely borrowed anything from Egypt which was quite advanced , leave alone Subsaharan Africa.

It is interesting that had the Arabs not entered North Africa, Europe would be starting at the borders of Coastal Libya, the Atlas Mountains, and Upper Egypt.
All these places alongside the likes of present day Syria,Lebanon, Palestine, Northern Iraq and Turkey already had native European populations (Turkey for example. And the Rif Berbers of Morocco) or had been subject to European immigration. (Greeks and Phonencians moving to Tunisia, then Carthage, then the Germanic Vandals settled in the coastal part of Algeria and Morocco).
Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine did not experience European immigration but even by the time of Jesus, they all spoke Greek as the Lingua franca.
In essence Greece would have in some ways been a major global power in the modern era Had Islam not arrived and ended the Hellenization of the Middle East and parts of North Africa and introduced Arabization instead.

If Egypt ever goes Islamist.
Que Horror a nation of 100 million or 8 percent of the Muslim population becoming radicalized.
Look at how tiny nations like Afghanistan, Syria and Gaza are causing stress to everyone.??

I think Arab is more of a cultural term than a biological one.

You’re right. And East Africa adopted the useful religion called Christianity, thats why all East African Christian countries are doing better than all North African countries. Idiot

It’s a matter of when and not if.

A massive population, ever increasing levels of poverty and a brutal military dictatorship that’s fighting the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s a ticking timebomb.

Without oil those nations would be poorer than Zimbabwe.
In fact wait for 15 years from now. Literally Algeria, Tunisia and Libya will not be in the top 10 wealthy nations of Africa, only Morocco and Egypt will be.
And yes, on average Christian majority nations are doing better than Muslim ones by far.
I can point out innovations and inventions of the 20th and 21st Century coming from Non Muslim nations.
Not a single one is coming from the Muslim world. In essence the only reason why the Muslim world has been relevant has been because it had oil. Now that renewables are replacing the oil, it will go back to its 19th Century default of being a backwater once as the Ottoman “Sick Man of Europe” Empire was.