Why Are Young People So Unprofessional?

Remember that posting about a friend having wrongly bought 100 reams of 80gsm Conqueror paper instead of 100gsm, potentially resulting in a Sh300,000 loss. Well, that ‘friend’ was me - a young worker had ferked me up, and I am still resolving the issue.

Now, yesterday I went to personally pick some 3 reams of letterheads I had commissioned a young printer to do for a start-up (I am a serial entrepreneur). They were ready alright, but unpacked. When I asked a worker to take them to the car they just took them like that - unpacked - and dumped them in the backseat. Yaani the three reams zilikuwa as one big heap with no covering, not even a paperbag. Ningefungua dirisha zingeanza kutapakaa kila mahali! I was aghast. Assuming I was going to Kisumu how was I supposed to transport 1,500 pieces of A4 paper unpacked?

From there nikaenda to a bulk copier, a young lady, nilikuwa nimepatia kibarua ya making 500 copies each of six documents. Total? 3000 copies. Only to get to the office today and find out that they did not make any copies of two crucial documents! Now I can’t do shit today!

Those are just 3 examples of very unprofessional interactions I have had with young people this year. I could cite another 10-15 cases, including one where my computer chap exposed me to malware. Mwingine tumekubaliana 15K for three days work ( to supervise some small gavament works) akahepa siku ya kwanza after getting a down-payment ya 4K…

What’s going on guys? I thought young people were supposed to be the future, but you only need to read the paper or watch news to see how sloppy they are. Yaani hata decent language skills hakuna, ni kama kurogwa. If you can’t pack letterheads neatly how can we ever hope to shoot spaceships into space? Or even run nuclear power stations?

I think I will stop giving any young person a shot at anything and just deal with mature people.

Or, am I over-reacting (as usual?)


Guka in your many many years eperience, how do you cure a hangover


Lots of water and some natural vitamins (citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples). Then kidogo sleep and you are as good as new…

I read somewhere alcohol makes you lose vitamins and of course it also dehydrates you…

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glucose mingi kwa maji (stat)…halafu continous rehydration should make you fine…

wewe mzee unataka watu walitaka kuwa maDJ wafanye kazi ngumu na wanatafuta ya foam ya jioni pekee…


now to the topic, yes many young people mess up alot but whining on ktlk doesnt really help, if you want to help maybe you could just tell them that their work didnt meet your threshold of professionalism and maybe they will change.

smh, how could people not be serious with work?? one thing that I I take seriously, very seriously, is anything that generates income, I guess those young people didn’t go through hardship to get those jobs


I gave up on them a long time ago then only to realise even older people are also unprofessional. Mediocrity is the order of the day.


You need to work with serial perfectionists like me. I am one of those people who cannot stand seeing documents or papers lying around the place. I have folders for my documents neatly placed inside my work desk in my house. In a few years I will be building my pigsty and I hope to find a contractor with the same disorder as me.


You are an idiot, yes? Coz I would think telling the 10,000 or so young people here to style up professionally would do more good than just reprimanding one? That sounds like rocket science to you?


Dawa ya hangover ni booze mpaka lock itoke. Ukipitisha kesho pia hangz.

yes i am a idiot, btw nipee hio kazi ya supervision uone nikufanyie kazi muzuri


Guka, even us young birrionaires are suffering. Last year I fired two fools because of “kuzoeana”. Someone asks for sick leave, you grant it, and that’s how they start playing games with you. Next they’ll be asking for time off because some distant relative has passed away, sijui my kid brother hasn’t come home since juzi, I must go look for him…I need time off tomorrow to go look for some documents…and on and on. On top of this, they start coming to work late, and dropping hints that you’re not paying them enough, even if you’re paying them better than your immediate competitors. Bure kabisa.


If you can’t pack letterheads neatly how can we ever hope to shoot spaceships into space? Or even run nuclear power stations? hehe!
me nilifungua account sacco flani nikapewa account number ya mtu mwingine na one lady who was constanly chewing some gum… how could that happen i dont know . when my transactions were not going thro i went back there n almost slapped her


this statement is unfortunate my friend. Guka’s post is not a whine but an observation of a growing cultural/social problem. it might even help a young entrepreneur reflect on how they have been treating their customers.


Ngabu, everything I post here is termed ‘whining’. I regret teaching them the term…


Employ wazee uwache kutusumbua


Its the culture of trying kuwa wajanja… meaning trying to shortchange someone as much as they can so that they can retell the story while sipping Keg. I have a female cousin that is also not motivated or does not have any sense of urgency… you know those kinds of people that are satisfied with doing just “enough”. I used to give her msomo every time since I was the one connecting her to hustles but she never learnt… thought she can swim through life hivyo tu. Mpaka nikachoka she is now on her own borrowing tupesa hapa na pale and her hustle of choice now is going out and having men give her Taxi money and other nitty gritties… and surprisingly she survives on this hii Nairobi… si wanaume mna pesa… nilichoka


read the last sentence in gukas post ujue ni rant, a necessary one though

Funny thing is most times it’s such mediocre people that are lucky enough to come across such opportunities. There are sufferahs who are really serious about working but don’t have anyone to connect them.


Nye nye nye nye nye nye!