Why are you an atheist?

Why don’t you believe in the existence of God?
What makes someone an atheist moreso former christians.

the realization that all you have bEen taught is BS

Am I an atheist if I believe in the God of my forefathers and not the Christian one?

Kuna God maze

prove it…

:smiley: You are worse than an atheist because it means you are worshipping idols/demons. :saitan:

If I believed in any of it I’d probably choose be a Devil Worshipper. The riches, the orgies, the blood sacrifice, …easy choice.

I don’t believe God exists because there is no proof God exists. Without the bible would God still exist?

The simple fact about time scales, the universe will be here for sooo long after all life will have gone extinct, including our earth and solar system. Life is just an emergent phenomenon of the universe’s, and by extension the earth’s, self organising properties. We’re here by accident but it’s depressing for many to think of it that way and hence God has to be factored in to bring some semblance of meaning.

Najua @messiahette ataniambia I’m fast hurtling towards hell…well


Once done with basic schooling, all reference of an all knowing ever awake busybody huko juu stop making sense if you have a good head above your shoulders.

How do you explain the many scholars with PhDs who believe in God?

They don’t have good heads above their shoulders.

According to whom?

Agnostic is the word

Shukran. We live, we learn.

A pagan

If he was proven, then he would cease to be God.