Politicians are fighting so that they can have access to OUR taxes so that they can steal them. And if the money haitoshi they steal hadi county generators to ensure they don’t suffer blackouts. Sasa wewe what is it that you’re fighting for? As a Kenyan squatter? Let the owners fight amongst themselves for the privilege of robbing you blind!

Geo my fellow comrade, that’s why i even…yes let me use that word… love you. This country is full of hyenas of all kinds. And i think Geo we must admit: true change will only come after we have departed from this world. It is a bit late to change these crooks. I hope our kids will be true revolutionaries. Right now, let’s admit: we can’t do anything. I just hope a Kenyan Sankara will rise up one day.



Wapi clip. This saga really cracks me up

The former governor said, he had just borrowed the generator from the county offices during his term and that if he was a bad man he would have sold it already. You’ve got to love this politicians. The guy had fully installed the generator and even put grill to safeguard it from being taken back to county offices! This country, wacha tuu tukubali kuibiwa hadi generator!

Hatuna PHD. Peleka hiyo umeffi kwa thesis yako. Trolling and attention seeking juu hi thread iko na zero replies hence you start onother one. Mefii



Kuna watu waliona ujinga mapema… …

Redsan na Julie ule lover wake walisema wataenda

I wish more Kenyans were like Makena.

Google ‘Raila chapa’

Asandi nimeipata

You mean as ignorant as fuck? Iwuora!!