Why Are THUGS/GANGSTERS Allowed To Conceal Their Faces In Kenyan Courts?

I have noted this trend in Failed Sh!thole Banana Republics such as Kenya. What if the person being arraigned is just an impersonator and nt the real thug? Kiajokoma Thugs were today arraigned in court and they hid their faces.


Wamejifunika ni kama wako Siberia wakati wa winter. The DCI is always very enthusiastic to post mugshots of criminals but they are unable to do that for this six thugs.

Kuna reason wanaitwaga suspects. It is to protect the identity of the arrested. This is to avoid the accused being exposed before the general public even before his or her identification is done by the witnesses and recorded.
Washukiwa wako innocent until proven guilty and FYI there are no rules against covering up.Face is hidden till the crime is proven. Anaeza weka sura yake inje then aachiliwe but bonobo haijui kitu ni nani? valishwa hankook mbili

In some countries, it is illegal to bring media cameras to court.

Mzito what about zile mugshots za CID tunaonanga wakibeba mbao…

Hehehe…zile ziko na Height kipimo? Kenya ziko?


Ungeweka hii.


Pole wasn’t able to find this though niliitafuta

a judge should set a precedent hizi ghassia , full face must be seen.