Why are they poor.

-cortedivoire produced all the chocolates in the world
Sierra leon produces half of the diamonds in the world
-All mobiles phones in the world are made from minerals from DRC
Tafakari hayo.

They are not poor. They are rich. But the wealth is controlled by a few people.

MONUSCO spends over 100 billion yearly to maintain its soldiers in Congo, without war and with stability that would not be possible. Those who eat the 100 billion have to eat.

Kagame and Museveni are sustained in power by Congo minerals.

Moi became the richest man in east Africa due to war in sudan and central Africa. Otherwise he would have died a poor man.

War is good for business. You can only make super normal profits during war.

During peace all people have equal chance, opportunities are there for everyone, competition is strong, which is not good for business.

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The better question would be why are there poor people in wazungu nations. Those wazungu nations benefit from the exploitation and plunder of African nations. All that wealth and they have thousands of natives (rarely immigrants) who are homeless. I’m informed that dog walkers get a living wage :oops: in such a nation nobody should ever be homeless

They are largest producer of cocoa in the world. But they only capture 3% of its revenue. The largest profiteers are those who add value to the cocoa to make chocolate. As an example, In 2017, they brought in $3.3b from cocoa. US chocolatiers brought in $22 b.

Also note that $ 3.3b is not a figure that will give you overnight riches. By comparison, Kenyan diasporans remitted $6.6 b from the US alone in 2019.

There are systems in place to arrest homelessness in those countries. What falls through the filters is largely attributed to mental and social disorders.

Dog walkers have to get a living wage. There’s several reasons why. Because of various reasons ( weather and all) , pets are housed indoors. Many times pet owners work dusk to dawn or are on travel. Someone has to go in and give the dogs a break. There are serious consequences if you leave a dog in the house , day in and out without walking him. He will literally begin “to eat” your house up.

While you are still on it,remember the turukanas were promised tullow oil monies,wanangoja bado

Si Tullow walihama.

foreign interference , lack of value additiona and litlle industrialisation…its funny how the countries with the biggest mineral reserves in the world have no minerals

Why do cabbage farmers remain poor and yet a cabbage costs 50 - 120 bob in nairobi? There you have your answer. Any farmer who tries to take their cabbages directly to marikiti or mombasa is normally taught a tough lesson by brokers and cartels. The brokers ensure your cabbages rot in the sun. The cartels determine how much they will buy your cabbages and also where your cabbages end up.

Same with the chocolate cartels in london. They ensure you can only sell raw cocoa beans to them and then they benefit from the rest of the processing and marketing chain. Same with diamonds. Siera leone has to sell raw diamonds and at cheap prices to cartels and brokers in london. Iran, Libya etc nationalized their oil and kicked out UK and French oil companies who were drilling and selling the oil and that is how those countries ended up on the most wanted list. And the chaos in the middle east will persist as long as the west needs oil.

There is a video that was posted some time back saying how africa must be kept poor and in chaos so that the west can get natural resources cheaply. A rich and prosperous africa is a threat to the west because goods will become too expensive for the westerners.

Eeh na pesa yote,the people are still waiting tho

I disagree with this reasoning (except the Marikiti brokers and cartels).

The process of extracting chocolate from cocoa was discovered by the europeans in Europe working on Cocoa already in Europe. Suddenly Europeans were consuming a lot of chocolate and they needed source of raw materials. Wakaenda west Africa where the cocoa plants grew very well. Mwafrika was suddenly getting a few coins just for selling some hard and bitter fruit to the whites. Soon the concerned govt was making considerable income just from growing and selling some wild fruity things to Europe. Fact is that Africans do not consume Cocoa so even if they processed it they would have to sell it in Europe. This is already happening btw. But it means that those African countries must sign trade agreements, observe processing standards, etc.

On the issue of oil it has to do with greed. There is nothing…absolutely nothing…stopping the west african oil producing countries from processing and selling their oil to whoever wishes to buy. More-over there is nothing…absolutely nothing…why a nation like Sudan cannot construct a pipeline to oil buying countries like Kenya, Uganda, TZ, etc and become a major seller of oil. But there are no visionary leaders in these African countries. The leadership wants to take the easy way out and loot while at it. More than 60 years after independence a country like nigeria should have own sea fairing tankers that sell oil all the way from Congo Kinshasa to SA, to Mozambique, Madagascar, TZ, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea.

Simply put the Europeans are not the cartel. They are just way ahead of the game whereas the Africans are too afraid to think outside the box

you assume they can just allow africa to divert from the status quo…