Why are they Making Fun Of Ruto?


This is dynasties hand writing wanting to force wsr into a Contest of them vs us.

they know if it’s a contested one, it will be very easy to turn it into a tribal one. also easier to finish ruto financially yet 2022 is coming

How much influence do media house owning anti Ruto types like Gidion Moi have on the specific wording of newspaper headlines ?

Its actually the other way round,most anti rutos own the media,they got them by the ballz.
Journos’ “hypocratic oath” is the basic desire for democratic liberties, including access to honest and fact-based journalism which is a thorn in the foot to most people.Their impact on the state of democracy is what makes them truly dangerous.Hapa vumbistan,heavyweight political leaders have overseen concerted attempts to throttle the independence of the media sector to the point they own them now and a little disperaging of the opponent goes a long way. Media has become the go to weapon of disorder and confusion. Most african leaders tweak the media in their favour,case in point,M7,he controls newspaper headlines

Hustlers know he is supporting President Uhuru because he is obligated and because he is in the government. Kwa roho hataki hio kitu although najua kama ni yeye angkuwa term ya mwisho he would be campaigning for it daily.

Ruto is right to avoid us vs them.it seems this bbi will be forced through.but most issues Kenyans wanted are not in that bill,like sijui helb,not doing business with Gok,so Ruto should lay low like he is doing,once it has gone through he should start asking,jameni tuliambiwa hii na hiyo,what happened?juzi Raila said on a certain interview session they will be done after bbi goes through a referendum,that means they will have created positions only.

as to what we lose,president appoints cabinet without parliament vetting and parliament will be massive,but the good part is it is ntime bound,after two or three general elections nothing like a third gender rule in elections,so it was a diplomatic way of removing that thing.

more like he has them cornered , they have tried so hard to pin him down but ruto hasnt given them anything to use against him

You mean the gender rule will end after some time? That’s very good

yes,kama ingetolewa hivo hivo tu kungekua na kelele:

(5) Clauses (1) (ca) and (4) lapse after the next three general elections from the commencement date.

B(ca) the number of special seats members necessary to ensure that no more than two-thirds of the membership of Parliament are of the same gender; [/B]

B The filling of special seats under clause (1) (ca) shall—
(a) be determined after declaration of elected members from each constituency; and
(b) comprise of candidates who stood for election under clause (1) (a) with precedence being given to those who received the greatest number of votes. [/B]

i think am wrong here,since the law still reads somewhere 1/3rd rule and these provisions have an expirey date,we might have another referendum before 2037


He can resign if he wants or what is stopping him?

They have not tried anything. If they wanted to lock him up because of corruption they could easily find evidence