Why are tattooed folks stereotyped?

Why do Kenyans frown at tattooed folks,
In most conversations just with secular peeps who love the bottle, I rarely hear any positive remarks about tattoos. Tattooed people are looked as people with deep seated psychological issues which I beg to differ.
…what’s your take on tattoos, how do you perceive tattooed folks?.
Especially on gender tattooed women are worse stereotyped.

Women with tattoos= kunguru
Men with tattoos= @johntez addi gaza msafi

Ignorance is bliss for the masses

Simple, because no self-respecting human being will allow a clown to draw some nonsense on his/her body.

Compared to matatus, how many Rolls-Royces have you seen covered with graffiti and funny stickers?

Clichy @uwesmake has tattoos on her buttocks .I can confirm

Msee ako na tattoo ni kama a demented three legged donkey from limuru while ule hana ni kama a thoroughbred horse. A pathological level of dishonesty is required to even start comparing the two. Sijui kama nimekusaidia? Imagine dem ako na tattoo kwa boobs na matako. At what point does one submit to a filthy rascal, atoe nguo achorwe kwa matiti na matako?

Huwezi tomba dem ako na tattoo kama hii elder? [ATTACH=full]499762[/ATTACH]

Kutomba tunatomba tuu lakini anything beyond the physical act is where I draw the.line. I don’t want to be woken at 2am to play a therapist.

I can


Reminds me of this one…


Tattoos when professionally done look really good for whites mwafrika ata light skin anakaa mbaya.

Best tattoo ni zile tribal za samoans.


Why is it that most women kwa picha za quivers,40forty etc who you can agree a price and go home with are tattooed? Why is it that “hoes” like Georgina are heavily tattooed? Your question is akin to asking “Why do people say Kalenjins are good at running?” The evidence lies in front of your eyes.
However, I don’t see why I would judge someone who allows me to use them for recreational use. They are necessary in society, ubaya ni kuoa mmoja

Is like asking why guys with dreadlocks are often stereotyped to be thieves.

Dreads were just chilling and then…

U ever seen graffiti on a Benz? On a matatu tho ni dope