Why are so many irrational things happening at once?

You also have Mr. Trump in the White House. BREXIT. AfD becoming the second biggest party in Germany. Yellow Vest in France. India lynching people over cows. The Violent Toll of Hindu Nationalism in India Indonesia going from secular Muslim to full Sharia. Ground shifts in Indonesia’s economy as conservative Islam takes root Bolsonaro gloating over setting the Amazon forest on fire, S. Africa xenophobia attacks. etc.

Mind-boggling growth of anti-vaxxers, flat-earthers, holocaust deniers, moon-landing fakers. And now we have a bunch of young people in Hong Kong trashing and burning up their own city and begging Mr. Trump to be their savior, the guy who just today won’t even allow the hurricane-stricken Bahamians to land in the US! Trump says Bahamas full of ‘very bad gang members’ as he doubles down on not letting hurricane refugees in to US

When so many “irrational” things happening all at once, the logical conclusion is that there’s something in common that’s fueling this tidal wave. The young. The old. The religious. The irreligious. The Europeans. The Asians. The Americans. The rich. The poor - they all seem to be part of this tidal wave indiscriminately.

The let’s take a look at those countries that don’t have this tidal wave of polarization - China mainland, Japan, Singapore, Thailand…

You see the main differentiating factor? The Social Media! These countries above all censure them.

Well this doesn’t make much sense, does it? Social Media is supposed to enable diverse views and remote friendship. Multi-culturalism and tolerance. Instead it appears to be these little cocooned incubators of fear, anger, ignorance, and most of all, OUTRAGE. Different people get different feeds, everyone gets their own “customized reality”, all precisely calculated to get you outraged!

Twitter is dumber than Facebook. Facebook is dumber than Google. Google is dumber than a book. A book is dumber than a scientific publication. The most popular social media is the dumbest of all. The best selling media channel is usually the dum*est of all in almost all developed countries. The general public is truly at the pits!

Can you even imagine, even 10 years earlier, how much of world’s information would be channeled through Twitter, with its 140-character limit! The vast amount of information needed for anyone to make a rational decision cannot fit in 140 characters. If someone ever tried this trick ten years ago to a credited college professor anywhere, he’d look down his arrogant nose as if you are a glorified E.Coli, and comment coldly that if you need something like that, you should go back to the kindergarten!

Well it turned out that OUTRAGE is the number one driver of social engagement. There was a study showing that a tweet with outrage gets picked up 17 times more than anything else. The social media’s single-minded pursuit of “user engagement” ends up making their users “outrage addicts”. An addiction with harmful side effect the same way as opioids addiction.

Mr. Tristan Harris is the closest thing you get as “the conscience of Silicon Valley”. In his testimony to the US Senate, he said flat out that “polarization of our society is actually part of their business model”. We have the caveman emotions and the 21 century technology. And social media exploits this. We are all test subjects in a societal-wide Stanford Prison Experiment where the “recommended XYZ” for you are all various shades of OUTRAGE. Only by mastering your emotions can we persuade you to buy our products, and then we can get paid, says the social media companies.

But humans, as a species, certainly didn’t manage to move from cold barren caves to modern houses with air-conditioning, central heating, and two cars in the garage by smashing everything into bits and pieces at every “outrage”, and killing or beating up anybody that’s not as perfect as Sir Galahad!

The big picture is that humans are social animal who are good at collaboration, and are rational animals who mostly act logically. Of course these traits are not outrageous so they don’t get played by the media, but is this fact wrong, or is the social media sick?
Mr. Tristan Harris described this phenomenon as “drilling down to the brain stem”, getting the devolved Cro Magnon out of each ordinary person. So we see a lot of Caveman behavior with no logic, no civility, no collaboration. Maybe when we are all poor as church mice and can’t afford the social medial addiction anymore, we’ll go back to trying to solve problems instead of trying to destroy everything.

But let’s look at the bright side - it’s an opportunity for anthropologists worldwide to observe if evolution can be bi-directional, and homo sapiens can regress back to Cro Magnons.

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Its called the fourth revolution…its happening right infront of our eyes

Tafuta movie inaitwa “Idiocracy”…natural selection favoured the stupid people and thus the smart ones became extict.:D:D:D

Its a good movie and quite thought provoking…i think of it alot when i watch the news.

Nice piece.
In my quick conclusion, censorship should fall in play, but it too has its disadvantages as it can be done selectively, especially in corrupt countries like ours.

Wacha i download it

The goal is to find a solution that
defends the truth and punishes the liars. Truth helps, Lies hurt, so how can they enjoy the same protection under “freedom of speech”? And if you want people to be more truthful, and lie less, then there must be reward for honesty, and punishment for lies. This is not rocket science…but still difficult to implement.

Those things are spiritual. They are preparing the way for the one world government. Next year the pope will be in Netherlands at the launch of the universal religion acceptable to both Muslims and Christians under one God but without jesus and Mohamed

Very true as we stand, there’s no way of telling the truth from a lie. Both stand as information.

Ati irrational, there’s nothing rational about what human beings do, everything we do and for that matter all living things is selfish and contradicts each and every tenet of faith we’ve invented to rationalize what we do.