Why are police officers killing themselves and their families?

Is it due to:
-Financial constraints?
-Relationship problems?
-Curse of torturing citizens?

  • Work related issues?

A and B ni trigger.

None of the above. The issue is mental health, unfortunately

Does mental health just infect someone like pathogenic ailments? Doesn’t it occur if triggered by predisposition?

Ujinga ndio ina wamanga.

their mentality and training are colonial legacy. this is part of the problem. it is also the reason for their low pay, which cannot be raised.

Job related stress is the main cause

Coz of all of the above

Most likely

Depression baada ya kutengwa na raia wakiwa leave/ off as a result of their arrogant pr & boring stories. Imagine stories revolving around G3, raia, mhalifu, ocs, steshen from Monday to monday.

All the above plus PTSD.

Unfit & unproper recruits.

I have personally gone through so much in this life but I will never kill myself or kill my family …Those D- should stop being stupid…Meanwhile how come you never hear senior police /Military officers going on a rampage and killing themselves and others

The training is old fashioned and outdated but it serves the political leaders perfectly and therefore they have no intention of changing it. The usual brain washing and transforming recruits to robots that only take orders from above. Zamani it worked becoz they had a social status and looked up to by people. Nowadays you hear this guy is a policeman and you steer clear as fast as you can. This feeling of being unwanted and zero social skills lead to depression. It would be good if their training the learn some other courses like nursing, philosophy and psychology to broaden their scope of view of life. But then they will question stupid orders from superiors and politicians.
For example I could see them forcing guys to swim in stagnant dirt water during curfew time and you can see how low their thinking and view of life is, a mindset off a form two bully.

PTSD and innocent blood crying out

At some point today, while you are out collecting bribes for your superior, utaskia wenzako wameuwawa kule Kapedo or Baragoi after meeting kina @Gaza without proper equipment.


Ukikataa kunyanyasa wananchi? utatupwa Kapedo

Ukiendelea with your daily patrol shenanigans? you will remain directly exposed to the hatred that Kenyans have for you, just for being a police.

If you quit, where will you get a job? With which skills?

and then you go home to find the bish you married shagging the local shopkeeper ati because she didn’t have cash for unga?

I would also kill that guy, and the hoe and myself

The thousands of unknown victims like the homeless, the night owls, and poor hasslers who work day and night that they tortured and maimed during curfew are coming back to haunt them. My bones still make a weird twanging sound from the day we met nikignore curfew.