Why are people treating it like it's fake news?

Watu wa conspiracy, what is your logic here? Closing down the country doesn’t provide any meaningful profit for the government so there’s no incentive

For the first time the Kenyan government is putting the people first and this is how you repay them? You heard what happened to South America and if you think that’s fake then you’re no better than those flat earth believing uneducated Trump supporters

We love the uneducated

Wacha tukunywe chai…this time ina cost 10million it has cardamon amd gingseng for virility

We do not need protection by serikali ya mwizi mlevi…

uhuru ni mitoto ya umbwa afungue nchi sio ya mama yake…meffi yeye

This is the logic. By closing down the economy the citizens are now entirely dependent on the govt. This means govt has absolute control. The disease mentioned while highly contagious has not shown a mortality rate much bigger than the flu. So people who are losing their incomes and children who are not in school are impacts that are making a majority of people angry. Another thing that is happening quietly is the consolidation of market share by giant companies. So SMEs are killed off and their markets are now being served by big corporations. This is tragic especially here where SMEs are the lifeblood of the country. It is true kuna ugonjwa. But its mortality is not what they said. This is the sleight of hand. The mismatch of the fear mongering and the reality is what is making folk very agitated. The pain of no income and an uncertain future is making folk very erratic in thought and action. Small events create global Explosions of anger. George Floyd?

Amazon inamaliza shopping malls/stores huko Trumpland.

Tuesday Morning (May 27)
Centric Brands (May 18)
J.C. Penney (May 15)
Stage Stores (May 11)
Aldo (May 7)
Neiman Marcus (May 7)
J. Crew (May 4)
Roots USA (April 29)
True Religion (April 13)
Modell’s Sporting Goods (March 11)
Art Van Furniture (March 9)
Bluestem Brands (March 9)
Pier 1 (Feb. 17)
SFP Franchise Corp (Jan. 23)

Exactly. And this is being replicated across all sectors. There is no sector that shall be spared this consolidation.

Hawa wamefunga?

Lockdown and ban on all types of gatherings has allowed the president to crackdown on hussler and his supporters. He cannot meet them to strategize and rally support.


Ouch. Amazon kweli rules