Why are men killing themselves at such a high rate?

Nini mbaya? Maybe y’all should get some periods to toughen you up a bit. Hii kukuwa pampered by society for owning a penis is not doing you any favors. Life does not care about your precious dickens. Nobody cares. You must tough it out just like the other half of the population whom you deem inferior yet after decades of bleeding, gestation, lactation and near death birthing experience yet outlive men by over 10 years on average.


Chunguza kwanza,if no women involved,come and ask the same question again.
Research itaangazia other factors

About two days ago I stumbled upon 3 post on both reddit and twitter about guys considering suicide.

Stupidity my highschool mate committed suicide time moi prezzo died.
Men are raised disillusioned about life so they expect much from this life na reality in life you need to have zero expectations. Suicide my perspective it’s stupid there is no sympathy in suicide.

Women live longer coz they do absolutely nothing. As u have mentioned, kazi ni periods na kuzaa. Even a monkey has periods and can give birth

So all these women who work in a society headed by men are being paid to do nothing? I don’t want to imagine that men are that stupid to pay someone for doing nothing. I challenge you to spend a day or two with a small baby all by yourself, is when you will know that it is serious work.

Don’t take this personal btw, I’m just noticing that men are killing themselves too much. Some are people who have good families and careers, so you wonder what the underlying cause really are. Is there support so that they don’t end up dead? Food for thought.

It’s because the world is getting more effeminate and the need for strong willed men is not there anymore, men are being forced to act more feminine.