Why are Luos very excited about the BBI

A scan through comments, tweets and street talk has led to my conclusion, as a statistician, that it’s Luos who are overwhelmingly supporting the BBI. I’m not tribal actually but we all know our society is one of blood ties than ideals. These guys feel like slapping anyone raising pertinent questions about the document. As long as Baba amesoma wao wamesoma. Kikuyus seem to be raising questions, just like Kalenjins, Kambas, and minority tribes, including Ledama Ole Kina but these dim eyes can hear none of that. Very hilarious :D:D. I hope hamtakuja kuachanishwa na BBI yenu aisee :smiley:

Luos are bright people, no doubt, but when it comes to Baba, they drop their brains off their head like hot potato

I find such moments to be hilarious.

:rolleyes:;)baba agrees and that’s that.

Ati juu Raila atapata nafasi ya Prime minister, kwasababu elections mundu khumundu haezi shinda Ruto.

Meffi hao, Hii BBI will never see the light of day.

Haha hebu cheki hapa, hii document italeta inclusivity aje by the way? Actually this document was drafted with specific names in mind that once appointed will mean inclusivity. Ok. Sasa let’s look at this way. Hypothetically, let’s say Ruto wins and fails to appoint Rao as prime minister :D. What would it mean? Coz once you win, you appoint whoever you want, not necessarily Baba, coz that’s what is in the mind of dim eyes.

Dim eyes wakiambiwa waruke wanauliza “how high BABA”.

They have now embraced thieving son of Ngina just because he shows a little empathy towards Baba. They can’t see past Uhuru’s conniving ways. Uhuru is no longer a thieving inept drunk to them. No he is not. Kikuyus do not want anything to do with Uhuru for we have learned and we refuse to be held ransom like them. Wacha tukae hivo bila kingpin who stops other leaders from emerging.
I believe Western Kenya would have produced a leader the likes of Ouko by now.

Enyewe when it comes to Baba sisi Luos akili hupoteanga. But iyo BBI ni umeffi tupu, I’d say @BBIsiMuhimu lakini the handle behind that name i also a shitty headed one

Konyagi thought andú a nyúba né ta nyamú ici kúhoya múndú ta “ngai”. Tútigemúcúna itina riake

We are moving in a charade. Instead of drafting a document to establish and strengthen independent institutions and structures of governance, we are drafting changes with specific names of certain politicians in mind.

You are this mad because I support a politician that you don’t support? Find a candidate to support and that anger will subside

Kiamakire:D …gieshiretie that all the love and support we gave him was for ever. Nope it wasn’t. Tutirenda Kingpin…and he should stop force feeding us that stupid PK. We would be v happy with v fair and open elections. Bora atoke…what is he doing on campaign trails after telling WSR akae nyumbani and worse, defrocking him of his job objectives that he was elected to carry out? and replacing him with the opposition leader once again robbing Kenyans of an opposition leader…:mad:
Hata nimekasirika.

Baba ashawasomea BBI akawaambia iko sawa

Luos andvBaba are an interesting lot. Kind of like Tilampu and his 30 percent base. If Baba woke up and said Covid does not affect Luos because they eat omena, Jengs would believe it

The way Luo’s in the village are looking at this thread.

Trivial tribal analysis by shallow minds. Keep it up and feel happy for all we care.


Kenya is going downhill by such inept comments from people who have no choice but to back a thief promoting archaic wheelbarrow mentality
just because they are being paid peanuts to proliferate blogs with nonsense while wanjiku is being raped. Short-sighted idiots who will remain poor
forever. Invocking tribal sentiments is your excuse to feel sanitized as you reap stolen loot from a glorified corrupt power hungry murderer…

You’re just as guilty, petty idiots.

It’s like these ferkers of BBI can’t see what is happening in Nigeria. Hii bloated govt can only end in one way…tears

Say that Luos on shosho media and those expecting BBI campaign crumbs. My friends and I who pay taxes BBI chieth inaanguka asubuhi.

No, hata luos wanapinga iyo kitu.wachana na watu wawili watatu wamelipwa,