Why are Ktalk Villagers so Jaded with Women?

How comes a lot of villagers here are jaded and like talking bad about women,I have never seen any thread apart from kusafisha macho that dudes are noting something positive about women,Don’t you guys like femininity,someone constantly thinking about you and dresses up for you,sex,cheers you up when you are down,her smell when you hug her,she listens to your fake chest thumping stories and enjoys them,being the leader and she follows,women can also be great even though they can flip over,I have also come to notice that the villagers who constantly like bashing women here and screaming how alpha in here constantly introduce ‘chunisha sukuma’ in all threads

Ndio kwa maana inaitwa sex and relationships

Beta male detected… I repeat beta male detected

inakaa hujawahi patana na dem ako 4th year ukamuoa na ukalipa fees balances ya previous years to graduation pamoja na post graduate diploma in education alafu akakuzalia mtoi alafu akakuhepa na mtoi wako wa 1 years akaenda county ingine alafu anaandika Facebook ati “sometimes when you are living with a fellow woman in the house, you have to man up and wear the trousers” alafu maumbuwa na manugu beste zake wana comment ma validation hapo hadharani vile amefanya poa.

Take care of a woman for 12 years and she will forget it all in 12 Minutes. Wanawake by nature ni ghaseer sana.

Angusha kihekaya mara once

Shoka lazima itatembea mpaka watu watii.

Tupe hekaya chief

This happened to you?

@YuleMseeMbaya ujaishi na mwanamke for you to write all this shit…ama unaishi na mama yako bado…

Most men wameanza kufunguka macho. Women prefer having men in their pedestal and always have options. So when a man stops tolerating crap baada ya kuwa emotionality drained and left hanging, the woman seemingly moves on unnaffected. Atakuwa na beta male kwa nyumba yake. Thank goodness the world has its own manner of equalizing. Once they ‘Hit the WALL-30 years’, ndio wanakuwa normal human beings. By then they’ll be desperate coming back to you. Hehehehe. So predictable.

I have lived with them and seen everything terrible,lakini they can be extreme on both ends,it all depends on how you carry yourself

My wife complains daily that I stopped giving a fuck to her shenanigans. Namwambianga akitaka arudi kwao akatafute mtu wa kumuoa akiona hawezi ishi na sheria zangu. This would not have happened had I not decided to follow msito Coach Red Pill.
Mipango ya kando are having it rougher. They can’t call me at will, kama sina pesa sina, I engage them on my terms. Life has never been good.

Thank goodness for the red pill/mgtow society. The female species are programmed very weirdly, it’s best to understand them.

I stopped paying attention and being bitter with what the female folk say and do and my life is many times better. The twenty first century going foward is going to be very difficult and scary for the girl child. Sii juzi uliona shoka?

To be honest for once, these type of sweet girls actually indeed exist. The only problem is that this phase is very very shortlived before bitterness, female testosterone and super hypergamy kicks in and ruins everything. That very short phase, my friend, is between 17 and 21 years. After these very few nubile years women systematically evolve and become full blown snakes and entitled dragons capable of killing you in your sleep. Its a pity that we can no longer be allowed to marry 16-year-old virgins then fashion/mould them to our own liking as our forefathers used to do it.

Now the society has changed, masculine men presently have to contend with marrying women way past their prime ( 25+ years n above ) who come loaded and pre-programmed with toxic feminism. And trust me, nothing good can come from such bad deal involving a former but ‘reformed’ cum dumpster who thinks the sun revolves around her ass. Hio ndio maaana 95.678% of married negroes are JUST PUTTING UP WITH THEIR FAT AND UGLY wives. Just ask watakwambia how fed up they are.

This whole paragraph, you’re using commas instead of full-stops. Don’t you like life full-stops?

@Purple @Mrs Shosho @TrumanCapote etc hebu kujeni hapa

You will once realize that where the devil cannot get, he sends women

You should watch “The whole nine yards” by Bruce Willis. See how you should deal with them.