Why are Kenyans, men and women both, hating on this woman?

When you are young and beautiful the patriarchy and the male identified females hate you. If you are outspoken , you are either too entitled or a feminazi. If you are old, you insulted with your age. Being a woman in a patriarchal society is hard owada. You can’t do anything right. You can’t catch a break. Let this Mrembo express herself. If you believed that Sakayo will buy you diapers, you can cut this girl some slack. Mimi Sina shida na yeye. I am good na mtu wa kanjo pia ako poa hajadedi. I know Kenyans are a frustrated lot after tupangwigwi played you but wah the vitriol is too much. Y’all need to take a chill pill.

Am not taking any side but mbona ye atusi binadamu mwenzake Mbwa at first?

Its a sex play, you slap someone then you kiss him. She also called him baby, how come no one is talking about that. Like why should you call a kanjo askari baby?


Kuna wenye tunamjua vizuri ile kazi yenye yeye hufanya na penye anaifanyia.

Kanjo ni bottom barrel ghaseer… I maraya msee inafanana na wewe iko na guts…lakini at least ye akishikwa na nyege anajua kuji huntiya sio kama wewe una wank na dick ya Johnny sins

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maliza hii nyanye imeshuhia nyodo

Malaya wa kubleach sasa ni mtu wa kuheshimiwa?

Preach Girl… Preach… The Bonobos have to be Enlightened.


Wewe maraya Mzee huwezi kuwa na guts kama huyu mrembo. If more Kenyans stood up against oppression by Kanjo, Police, Mpigs, Zakayo et Al this way our country would be a better place

Wera ni Wera, mboka ni Mboka. If you can’t feed her, respect her hustle. Kwanzaa what is her YT channel I subscribe coz she is now my role model. A woman who took on a kanjo askari when men scamper.

Nipatie details I will be happy to be her pimp. She can give a very good girlfriend experience. She’s a boss after all.