Why are Kenyan men so angry?

Today I have watched a road rage incident with guns drawn Yaani I was like am I in a movie but the way I love life I wasn’t going to wait around for a stray bullet because I need to know how this ends.

Wanaume what is the issue? Are we not living in the same country? You need to up your shock absorbers. Like we women do. We go through alot in life and we can still smile and show up as our best selves. Why are you guys letting emotions get the best of you and on a Friday no less. Si furahi day should find you smiling?

Guys whatever is making you so bitter you need to get a grip. If you are hurting see a therapist and go on antidepressants. Everyone has issues, you need to be grateful for the blessings that you have. You have good health. You have people who love you. You have food, clothes on your back and you are doing OK by Kenyan standards. Please stop focusing on what is not going your way until you want to kill strangers on the road.

Wanaume please get a grip. In fact let me motivate you with this story about mental health.

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Hakuna mwanaume ako na kuma ya kuuza akikosa rent maraya msee


Nigga blunt Mbaya!!


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wakishiwa kibangi bill yangu!




Maliseer hii lanye Ako menopause


Chokora wa Bahrain unakiere kama poko wa base ya keg.

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