Why are Kenya internationals schools the most expensive in Africa

Why is Education expensive in Kenya?
Watu hutoa wapi hii pesa?



cost of land first then operational costs

3million kwa mwaka ni $2500 kwa mwezi

doable for expats

We need to go the Chinese way ban all private owned schools tunaki na public schools.

Because Kenya is the most expensive place to live in Africa. And the presence of UN Hqs. They are paying for convenience.


Yeah, I agree we should do something to improve our public schools. How many Kenyans can afford to take their kids to these schools?

It’s hard to believe we manage to get by in this country.

Supply and demand. With a top-heavy government, every MP and above, every bureaucrat, every senior employee in parastatals etc can afford to educate their kids in those schools. There are like 100K (In GOK or outside but connected) people who steal that 2 billion daily. That money has to go somewhere. They use it to educate their kids at these schools.

Kenya is diplomatic bedroom.

Most are paid by corporates, Embassies, UN etc. Others from stolen loot. a few from genuine personal wealth

Wewe mtu D.E.B group of schools unaingilia aje hii maneno?

Walikukosea nini yet most don’t even offer CBE ama what is it called?

As a pro- socialist person i believe in a Level playing ground for every person.

Those schools are top tier asf. From teachers to staff to curriculum to meals to everything. I went to Brookhouse once nikajiuliza nilikosea wapi mimi.

clout chasing. For fuck’s sake 3m x 14 is 52 million. That money, invested wisely can be enough to start a business and give your kids a future

Ni sawa it’s their monies looted or earned, my only problem is why do they not produce people with exceptional abilities? Why don’t they produce inventors, innovators na creatives!?

And yet mtoto ata toka hapo akujekutafutiwa kazi ya connection.

Governor ameloot 36Billion ya county hafeel kama ni pesa mingi.

Actually most people in government do not take their kids to those schools. It’s just the reg ones, after kcse, st. Mary’s for IB then uni abroad.