Why are kalenjins politicians up against Ababu Namwamba anybody enlighten us

Leaders from the tugul komuniti are having sleepless nights crafting ways of ousting Ababu Namwamba from the sports docket apparently for overseeing traveling in first class by ministry officials and their girlfriends. One would think the agitated parties don’t have girlfriends and boyfriends who are also enjoying the same courtesy of their babes being in gavment.

Let’s see how this one goes but to be honest, some people are taking these things too far given that the appointing authority knows very well he appointed a bunch of clueless and incompetent fellows to his gavment. Am not in anyway defending Ababu but hey, tell us the real issue as to why you are baying for his bl00d because girlfriends nonsense is unbelievable it is a norm in every work place and especially in places concentrated with power :grimacing:.

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My bet would be they want to control Pesa ya sports associations properly starting with ya athletics


Cherargei was quoted as saying that he doesnt know why the sports docket was guven to a community with very little sports talent

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It’s very simple. Athletics is a major backbone of the Iten economy. Billions have been invested into hotels and sports complexes in Iten.

Ababbuplayed favorites and fu ked around with the medal opportunities in Budapest. More gold usually means more business for Eldoret and Iten as tourists and hopeful marathoners visit the area to train.

By letting Ethiopians take the gold he’s causing more tourists to go to Ethiopia instead of Kenya.

Ababu kinafikiria kukimbia ni kama sports day za high school. He’s still not comprehending the seriousness with which kalenjins take this vital economic lifeline

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The baruhya are known for participating in various sporting activities like football, rugby, volleyball, and now we have baruhya athletes like Wamanyara

You still aren’t addressing the main issue that OP asked.You are talking about missed opportunities that came as a result of mis-performance in Budapest. Stay relevant in content matters. Soon utaanza kusema ati covid vaccine made Kenyans lose championship. Bure yusulessy.

Ababu is a thug who only cares about partying Monday to Sunday. Mluhya mjinga


misperformance caused by Ababus mishandling of the athlete selection process. thsy took sub par donkeys to thr world event and the buck stops with Ababu. He let the officials run wild under his watch

He ordered DCI to ship a tiktoker who had abused Azziad from Nakuru to Nairobi at night. Huyo atolewe hapo


Ulitoa wapi hii?

Huyu fala badala ya kuinvest in studio yeye ni kukunywa makali


Those complaining ndio wako na wife wanono wako na mileage. Wanaona prewall soft meat. Wanajam meffi hao

MMBBARUYA bona unapenda kuback bite watu wenu mbwa hii? Si wakale wako nyuma ya wezi wao 100% . Usikue fala . Huyo Jamaa akitomba macuzo na kuwapea pesa inacirculate hapo kwenu umbaruyani

Ababu has been a disappointment. He has no vision. I was hoping he would come up with a vision that would raise the performance of the national teams in 5 to 10 years.
At this rate , it shall not happen. Harambee stars will still be useless 5 years from now as will Kenya sevens, basketball, hockey etc.

hiyo ndio siku nilijua hakina akili. A man who xab set cops on tou coz you said mean things to his bich is capable of doing much more irrational things pur og panic qnd fear. An emotional man is a weak and unreliable man

Na venye ndugu yake mkubwa lecturer pale KU ni mpoa Dr. Tom Destiny Namwamba

Who in Ruto’s government has a vision?

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you have missed the point, issue naona ni procurement ya sports kits , nafikiri jamaa alitoa nyama yao kwa mdomo, ukiskia sholei gladys akisema they were fake from river road , kwani wakalee ndio wana monopoly ya original ?? shenzi sana meno inje.

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Huyo naskia ni KDINYA SANA HAPO KU

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