Why are Christians so un Christian in their response to others? Ha!

Quite often on this group there have been Christians criticizing and attacking other’s beliefs.

So do Christians follow what Jesus taught?

Christians if they want to follow Jesus as best as they can should go back and read their Gospels and Just the Gospels and follow Jesus.

Jesus is not a christian.

Why do you want to limit our reading? Is there a problem somewhere?

How you read something will determine how you take it. Always read a post like your having a normal convo with a pal.

That way you won’t see it as harsh.

Do you know how ridiculous what you say is? Ha!


How am i limiting your reading?Ha!

What did a christian do to you that made you refer him/her back to the bible? Were you really hurt or pissed off? Did you report the matter to the police or the pastor? Where would you refer non-christians to?

Better go back and re-read EVERYTHING I wrote … Is your reading comprehension as abysmal as your grammar? Ha!

Did i say “OTHERS” or " ME" ?


What exactly is your issue ha?!

Uza hashish polepole Akasha

BTW what is this “ha” you keep saying? Are you of sound mind?

If a religion makes you burst out in anger when asked simple questions,then its time to re-evaluate your shit .Hakuna mtu wa dini hakasirikagi ukiuliza swali legit na hana answer:D:D:D:D

there was a time I briefly worked for a church & i’m not a religious person…biggest conflict in my life !

Christians are humanbeings too and are afflicted just like any other human animal by the human condition. They struggle to feel a sense of importance and as we live in a world where for you to feel a sense of importance then they have to be others who are not as ‘good’ as you are. A philosopher put it this way, think of the most expensive car in the world thatd make you the envy of everyone around you. Think of you waking up to being the only person with that car - atleast in your town. Imagine what that day would be like. Then imagine that you woke up the next day and everybody drove that same car. Back to being like others. The ego particularly in matter esoteric like religion and spirituality is part of the human condition few escape. Perjorative notions about others is a necessary evil to assuage the ever sagging ego that breathes on strokes and a sense of superiority. Its got nothing to do with being a Christian. Moslems and Buddhist and Hindus have the same struggle.

Jesus on occasion grappled with His human nature but He is God so He didnt struggle as much as we do. Its like comparing two absolutely different forms. God and Man. Man can only be even at his best a dim reflection of what God is. Fallen men so much less. If the loveliest angel Lucifer, whose very being was a musical ensemble and beauty could be as corrupted as he became. What potential do you imagine lies in the human being - Christian or not?

I will quote the Words of the Messiah, Our Messiah, The Messiah of Christians, The God whom we love and long to be like inspite of our clay feet, our human frailty and our corrupt and fallen state.

Mark 2:17

It is not those who are whole who need a physician but the sick, I (Jesus) have not been called to the Righteous but to sinners.

If you look at the ministry of Jesus you see how the most broken people in society gravitated to Him and that Jesus Himself came to seek the Lost, the taxcollectors , the prostitutes, the demoniacs,the murderers like Saul of Tarsus - so these really are the caliber of the crowd called Chrstians - terrible people who are reforming depending on how much they allow the Holy Spirit work in and through them. Surrendering human will power to God’s will,God’s Holy Spirit was no mean feat even for Jesus Himself yet He is God. Remember the sweating blood drops.

These things are hard to admit because our human ego thrives on the illusion of separateness. We must be better than someone else in one way or another to have worth. If you are a man then you’re better than a woman. If you’re white you’re better than blacks. If you’re rich you’re better than the poor. If you’re atheist you’re better than those delusional and hypocritical Christians . And on and on it goes -Hence the parable Jesus gave prayer of the Pharisee who painstakingly observes the Torah and tithes even the spices in his kitchen. When he sees the sinful tax collector. And the one of the Good Samaritan vs The Scribe/The Pharisee/Priest . Jesus was reiterating three sentiments echoed in the Old Testament.

1 Kings 8:39 - It is ONLY God who truly knows the hearts of men.

1 Samuel 16:7 Men can only see and therefore judge based on appearance but God looks at the heart.

Isaiah 64:6 We are ALL infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind.

What is the name of your religious inclination? or what do you identify yourself as?

Why you guys dish out questions but can’t give out answers to my post?

Your post is meffi!!! Amen?

Your post is solely based in willful ignorance… Could you phrase that in a way that is less stupid? Ha!

Hahaha…exactly my sentiments, stupid threads deserve stupid responses. Fundah!!!