Why are chimpanzees this cowardly?

I have always said ukiwa na chimpanzees it’s like you are with another woman or child, shida ikitokelezea you are on your own sisters.

So you wanted boy child to go fight a seemingly mentally disturbed person holding what looks like a panga or metal pipe, and if he gets arrested and charged for assault or worse, gets injured maybe even dies, the woman calmly walks into the warm embrace of another nigga? Niite muoga. Unless it’s my mum, sis or wife… in that order… siwezi banduka. maybe when I was in my 20’s and damu ilikua moto.

So the one who came to remove the guy didn’t see all THAT? It wasn’t even his car and he didn’t know the driver. Excuses. Excuses. If you are a coward. YOU ARE A COWARD!

This is a she orangutan
orangutan GIF

Tena of the county

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