Why are black people scared of wildlife?

It’s mostly white people who get up to this shit. Are blacks scared of wild animals because of the jungle software?


Ile mbisha ya Africans climbing a crocodile ikam

But spiders dont scare us the way they scare them

I once read that humans are wired to have an innate fear of spiders and snakes. But I’ve never been afraid of spiders. Slugs freak me out though, I wonder what that says about my psyche?

snakes…i hate those ones…i once slept out in the cold after we discovered a snake had shed its skin in my chalet…that was the end of my holiday



You can play with those animals until their animal instinct kicks in. At that point, it loses control of it’s senses and kills you.

Kweli kabisa. A wild animal sio paka ya nyumbani.

Peasant in Chief

Who do you think taught these wazungus how to understand the behavior of African wildlife? Don’t just look at something on the surface and draw conclusions. I have never seen wazungu approach a pride of lions armed with spears only and steal meat that the lions were feasting on.

wild animals should be left in peace in the wild hawa wanapeleka wanyama circus

These animals have very basic thought process. they sometimes turn on each other and murder members of the pride for no apparent reason. Why does he think he is special?

it’s not smart to do that and africans knew that kitambo , nature should be respected …even animals get away from any source of danger but unapata mtu anapanda mawe ati rock climbing , hiking alone in jungles and begging for lifts from strangers in remote areas… mwafrika hawezi fanya ujinga zingine… every year animals kill these attention seekers and thrill seekers , serial killers pia …nature is king

…this reminds me vile in horror movies , mzungu goes to investigate danger alone usiku …if this is a reflection of their society then that says alot abouit the ‘arian’ race …mwafrika stop self hating

I love the wildlife especially since nimezeeka siku hizi. I remember my old man when we were younger would take us huko parks but we never understood why or got the point. Now namweleewa.

because blacks don’t do it for likes or YouTube fame, it comes naturally. kuna so many examples hata ule jamaa wa baringo handling poisonous snakes, yeye hana camera ya kurecord every time


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it will end in tears

Wakenya walizaana kama panya and thus threw away what made Kenya special.

Now all we have is slums


i saw some idiot has a huge python as a pet kwa nyumba and the kids ride it around the house , wtf…