Why Are Armed Forces Answerable To A Civilian Boss?

Yet when they commit a crime they attend military courts?

Democracy my fren, the military is subordinate in that scheme.

They are not really answerable to a civilian. it’s a pull and push between the military and democracy. The president answers to them as much as they answer to him. it’s a delicate balance. Obviously if the rule of law breaks down, the economy will shrivel, and there will be less for the military. But if the president mistreats the army, there is little incentive to protect such a system. All in all, kenya is one of the few african countries that has not had a military coup. Mostly becuase we have a lower IQ than our counterparts or we are more patient.

And you have said it with so much confidence…

Yes, someone must be answerable to another. The military is “oversighted” by president and the president oversighted by parliament (people’s representatives). I know oversight is murky when it comes to the military due to the secretive nature of their operations (I doubt their budget can be put under scrutiny for example)…

Yess, saa hii jeshi wakitaka nchi ikuwe yao hakuna kitu mnaeza do. On the other hand, it would cause problems for the economy, so they rather not


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Again the president of Kenya is both civilian and head of the armed forces!
He appoints all generals and sends them to wage war.

The presidency is the highest office of the land. When voted in you become a 5 star general. Commander in chief.