Why are almost all criminals men?

In every single human society without an exception, men commit an overwhelming majority of all crimes and acts of violence. Why is this? Why are men so much more criminal and violent than women?
There are many cultural universals – features of human society that are shared by all known cultures. Donald E. Brown provided the original list of “human universals” (and wrote a whole book about them, aptly titled Human Universals) in 1991, and Steven Pinker updated the list in 2002 in his book The Blank Slate. There are probably so many cultural universals (contrary to what Franz Boas and cultural determinists think) because human culture is a manifestation of human nature at the level of society, and human nature is universal to all humans. This is why all human cultures are more or less the same, and there are so many cultural universals. And among the many cultural universals is the fact that men in every society are so much more criminal and violent than women.

In their comprehensive study of homicides, the leading evolutionary psychologists Martin Daly and Margo Wilson note that most homicides between men originate from what is known as “trivial altercations.” A typical homicide in real life is not one depicted in an episode of Columbo: premeditated, well planned, and nearly perfectly executed by a meticulous and intelligent murderer. Instead, it begins as a fight about trivial matters of honor, status, and reputation between men (such as when one man insults another or makes moves on another’s girlfriend). Fights escalate because neither is willing to back down, until they become violent and one of the men ends up dead. Because women prefer to mate with men of high status and good reputation, a man’s status and reputation directly correlates with his reproductive success; the higher the status and the better the reputation of the man, the more reproductively successful he is. Men are therefore highly motivated (albeit unconsciously) to protect their honor, and often go to extreme lengths to do so. Daly and Wilson thus explain homicides between men in terms of their (largely unconscious) desire to protect their status and reputation in their attempt to gain reproductive access to women.

Rape may appear to be an exception to this reasoning because, unlike murders and assaults, the victims of rape are usually women, and there is therefore no male competition for status and reputation. However, the same psychological mechanism that compels men to gain reproductive access to women by competing with each other can also motivate men to commit rape. Predatory rapists are overwhelmingly men of lower class and status, who have very dim prospects of gaining legitimate reproductive access to women. While it is not a manifestation of male intrasexual competition and violence, rape may be motivated by men’s psychological mechanisms that urge them to gain reproductive access to women illegitimately when they do not have the legitimate means to do so.

Why are almost all prostitutes women?

Because women are the poorer gender at an economic disadvantage and men use whatever advantage they have to enslave others sexually. The main driver of prostitution is MEN. If there were no men there would be no prostitution. Where men cant buy women’s bodies for sex like in jail or in moslem countries, they buy other men’s bodies, children’s bodies or boys bodies. Or they use intimidation and coercion. So again the catalyst and the problem is the MEN. Men are the predators ALWAYS!

Afghanistan -orphaned boys from as young as 10



Pakistan-street boys young as 10


Syrian Refugees in Athens


Male prostitution -poor men in Britain


Homeless boys lured to rent for sex deals


Homeless Kids In Romania lured by male pedophiles



This is simply because men are deemed superior which means they have to try all means to eke a living and when all their efforts prove futile ,they result to crime for survival…

A prostitute is a person ,a man or a woman !

I dont think this is true. From the outward view, yes, almost all criminals are men. But looking at it critically, you’ll be sure to find out that almost all male criminals have females executers behind their criminal acts. That same way, every female prositute can not prosper without the fueling demand of male counterparts

If there is something you can count on from Truman is gender wars. Zoea kupenda kaka zako

Check out Jordan B Peterson explanation on this… Too tired to put a link

But theyre not superior ,women are actually the superior gender as theyre the ones with the reproductive access to give or deny men, its just like saying white people are superior because the blacks there live in a white supremacist society . NO!!! According to this theorist, the status and reputation men struggle over amongst themselves and nowadays even with women because women are now also in competition for the same, is unconsciously driven by REPRODUCTIVE ACCESS to women, so that the men can propagate their genes. Ofcourse women nowadays have become abit careless and do sire children with men with low socio economic status and poor reputation. In our parents generation , no woman would have a baby for you if you had no job/money/work/business or had an alcohol problem or you had a bad reputation like criminality and if you cant marry the woman and provide her children a home and meet their financial obligations. You can see that this theory is absolutely correct because most wealthy men(status) and male politicians(reputation) have very,very,very many children compared to say a jobless guy living from hand to mouth or a guy who is a criminal or has any other bad reputation.

Please quote an empirically sound source to defend your point. I dont know what you mean by all male criminals have female executors? What does that men ? I have quoted actual facts here not just what somebody thinks, so your thinking without supporting evidence doesnt count. Much as I admire your ardor to defend your gender.

Here are the statistics . Bring yours to prove that male criminals have female executors -whatever that means

This is from 1976 -2015 in the USA
Although the killing of women, or “femicide,” tends to receive intense media coverage (Pritchard and Hughes 1997), males are far more likely to be both perpetrators and victims of homicide. For the past four decades, nearly three-fourths of all homicides have exclusively involved men. About 90% of all perpetrators are male, and about 81% of their victims are male. Moreover, 78% of the victims of female offenders are also male. Stated in terms of rates per 100,000 population, males commit murder about 10 times as often as females, and are victims nearly four times as often. The gender combination seen in homicide overall varies considerably based on weapon, circumstances, and the relationship between victim and offender. As shown in Table 1, the percentage of murders in which the offender and victim both are male increases from 73% overall to 80% for gun homicides and for felony murders, and is as high as 84% and 88% when the victim is an acquaintance or a stranger, respectively. In contrast, the gender ratio tends to even out somewhat among infanticides, intimate partner homicides (i.e., spouses, ex-spouses, and boyfriends/girlfriends), and family murders.

Consistent with the overall predominance of males on both sides of the murder equation, the patterns of male offending and victimization rates parallel overall homicide trends in the United States for the past 40 years (Fig. 1). In contrast, homicides involving females have been much more stable over time, exhibiting a general decline with relatively minor fluctuations since the late 1970s. In addition to differences in these trends, the relative likelihood of killing or being killed is reversed between the sexes, such that women have a higher rate of victimization than offending, whereas men have a higher rate of offending than victimization.

I dont respect Jordan Peterson as a scholar because he is clearly biased AGAINST women. He is a pop psychologist - somebody who get fame and fortune out of driving a narrative that is popular among a certain group of people much like Al Sharpton and the honorable Elijah Mohamed and Farrakhan and myriad other activists who are clearly biased and lack objectivity in their analysis of issues . I listen to serious scholars who are objective like Prof. Sowell and Prof.Ndii not people who exploit frustrated groups of people with hate agenda to make money and get fame out of it. So I am certainly not going to check out anything Jordan Peterson because its not academically sound, not peer reviewed and is therefore to any learned person GARBAGE.

I guess all this is mostly because of cultural and historical processes. Mostly women will run away in situation when man will start the fight. Also unfortunately still there are a lot of macho-culture elements, so sometimes you need to do some stupid or dangerous or illegal things just for other dudes dont think that you are a pussy. Also most part of men is much srtonger than women - so it is much easier for them to use violence to get whatever they want. A lot of men also need to simply feed their families - that is why sometimes they are agree for dangerous or illegal jobs. Also women prefers (if they decide to kill someone for example) poisons… which are not that easy to find. Men prefer gun or knife or a fist - much more obvious things