Am in Nanyuki and my sweetness and I stopped to have breakfast since when we left Nrb it was too early to eat. Now there’s a hotel owned by a kiyuk across the road from Al Nusra cafe. So Daddy boo is like tukule hapo, am like bae tuende Al Nusra. So tukaingia the one MacDaddy wanted tukaitisha chai nduma. Wah! Nduma smelling stale tukatoka tukaenda Al Nusra opp. KPLC fresh,fresh,fresh. Am like frankly why are we not serious like Somalis in business? Papi was anti eating in a Somali hotel,nikamshow, they don’t do left overs but msapere hawezi mwaga food ikibaki. Surely, why are many indigenous Kenyans especially in hotel industry not serious. Spoiling your reputation to make money in business will be your undoing. This why Africans keep closing businesses bcz of this lack of ethics and foresight. Bora u make money today who cares abt customer retention? Why? Why? Why? Are we mediocre?

Funika hio bakuli nzi zisiingie.

You mean Somalis are not Africans ?

I am shocked myself, that i liked your thread.

@Antonio Mascaro where have you been when i have been hammering that into your dense african brains?

They’re not indigenous Kenyans!


Bingwa lets not go there. Nimekubali Waria ni Ndugu ya Rashaida. Am not in the mood to troll today. Am trying to clear this alele from yesterday and its already enough a struggle.

Yes, Sisi caucasians (a.k.a North Africans) tunakuanga serious na biashara …other africans are jokers.

Niliwaingia to a simmilar cafe in Malindi, tukaitisha some swahili dish and the guys told us point blank that “kakangu tumechoka tunapumzika for lunch” yet it was 1 pm, kuenda kwa duka ya nyeuthi tukapata food. So sijui unasema nini

Go to sportsman arms then ukuje utype hizi accusations zako hapa. Better yet dash to fairmont it’s just 10mins from where you are

From her point anaongea about hizi joints ndogo si hizo hoteli kubwakubwa

Kuna siku nimekula kwa hoteli yao mbuzi ilikua tamu na mingi sisi ngozi ngumu tunachidwo na fearsharah

Kwani wale wako North Eastern si indigenous Kenyans? o_Oo_O

Which hotel in Malindi? I know them all. Ya muarAbu ama ya mgiriama? Ama ya mtu wa bara? I heard of Watu wa bara hotels,but I never stepped there bcz I prefer pwani food,made by mwenyeji not a learner wa Bara.

Were they here colonial days?

Read your history, kwani Northern Frontier District unafikiri ilikuwa wapi?

Ni tamaa. If nduma imeharibika why not throw it away? Why give customers bad or spoilt food? Have you ever had an issue of spoilt food kwa Msomali? But Kiyuks n other nywele ngumu except Wameru n Lunjez n Lous and watu wa pwani tunawajua na hii tabia ya kuekea customers food imelala. Among other unethical business practices! Like customer comes to your shop asks you abt something and then doesnt buy, surely unajam. Hebu go to Muhindi shop you see,they even give window shoppers their phone numbers! Infact one problem why even sucessful African business dont survive over generations is this. Hebu check out Faugo Gauchio and that place in Naivasha ya nyama >>> full of Kiyuks chances of getting food poisoning is high in Kikopey. Infact imefika point nikijua hotel ni ya msapere I simply keep off. Unless its a,3 star n above coz either or both the service is poor and the food is not fresh unless they cook on order. Pls Africans let’s be serious in life, and in business bcz,mediocrity is just like our 2nd nature sio walimu,sio watu wa hoteli frankly we’re making our own country a shit hole. I want to buy from Kiyuks bcz theyre my fellow Africans but sasa am enriching Somalis from North horn of Africa bcz,the original Kenyans are thiecves n jokers. You almost want to give a rotting food not even fit for an animal to make a quick buck kama uliharibu biz nobody comes to your hotel now you always have left overs accept reality ur closing soon due to your foolishness of not giving a damn abt customers! Go to online Business School and learn abt BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND CUSTOMER RETENTION! Every unhappy customer tells,atleast 11 people. Every happy customer tells double the number. CUSTOMER IS KING not quick illigit profits - short-lived ones!!!

Ok! But when they migrate here coz nawashuku very much,if theyve been here as long as us. This are like wale Palestinians walikuwa squatters sasa wanadai we are Kenyan’s people! Even them they know they’re not Kenyans, they say, you know Kenyans are blah blah! Wewe ndio unawatetea Cliff Ombeta!

Who are indigenous Kenyans…??

Wacha ni google