Why are African men such cowards

Why are African men such cowards?? They can’t take care of themselves or their family, they can’t cook their own food or watch their own kids. They hit their women. That is the TRUE definition of a COWARD!! Why don’t you sissies grow a spine and learn how to be a REAL MAN!!!

“REAL MAN” :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji: We kamama tumekuonea 18. That is common man shaming language. Tuck in your suggy boobs in your waist na ukanyange kubwa kubwa


AFRICAN MEN:grin: :grin:

Kwani umeonjwa na wengi aje for you to conclude that African men are cowards.

The problem is you. The kind of men that you attract ndio takataka. Meaning wewe ndio shida. Change your ways.


I believe this is @TrumanCapote, he can’t hide his hate even in public forums


This sounds like someone who’s opened their legs to every villager with a pulse then they wisely found their way to the magical Embotut forest to escape said person’s drama.
The problem is you not “African men”


African Men reclaiming their original position as the head of the family after quitting simping is not cowardice.

Nabii is my role model.

Role model wapi, this is just a case of anus licking