Why am I STILL seeing blocked users?

Admin, what is the point of blocking someone on this site if I still have to see topics they post? I don’t want to see what they post or what they think, in fact, I don’t even want to know if they are still alive or dead, that is the whole point of blocking them the fck out of my feed. I want them out of my feed. Kindly fix this because I am really tired of seeing blocked users posts still appearing on my feed, it is totally ruining my experience using this site. I don’t understand why am being forced to see certain users disgusting posts all the time even when I purposely choose not to.


Admin, kindly just delete my profile, am done with this site.

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Admin na co wake fundi wa viatu part-time other time kuuza magazines za armis hapo inje ya SJ @Ndindu dreamer wa kuwa na Library kama McMillan na Mzee wakuuza magazeti @Electronics4u Mwenye ana dreams za kuwa na Shop kama PowerMax ni useless.

To things that don’t really matter NIABM: @Ndindu is a bothered m°therfcker!

Marilyn Monroe Goodbye GIF

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Please make proper use of the Ignore & Mute functionalities

Go to their profile page and click the “Normal” dropdown button thing on the right-hand side, and you can choose to either mute them (no notifications) or ignore them (all their forum content is hidden).