Why Alshabaab is a Somali Islam problem

Saying this some might say i am hating but ask yourself why has Alshabaab not establish a foothold in some of the poorest and backward places like South Sudan.
Why is Alshabaab attacks in Kenya limited to majorly muslim dominated areas such as North Eastern, Eastleigh Nairobi and Muslim dominated coastal areas. Why don’t we see bandits doing whatever they do in the name of Islam or even Alshabaab getting a foothold there? Because terrorists such as Alshabaab derive their food or blood of survival from Islam and Somali population which is majority islam is a good breeding ground. Kick out Islam and you kick out any form of terrorism. As for now Kenya will struggle a lot containing Alshabaab in the north

Bandits tunaingilia wapi kwa hii stori yako. Tuheshimiane nanii …

Bandits have guns and terrorists are cowards, they only attack defenseless civilians. Once in a while they attack our useless security forces while sleeping.
Citizens should be given guns to better protect themselves.


To some extent al shabaab exists because somalians allow it to exist.