Why all officers who were on duty must be charged with murder

All 6 including the driver. None of them stopped this massacre and they are therefore culpable, this will teach other police that when you are on patrol together you are collectively responsible for what happens and if you do not stop your colleagues from doing what is wrong, you will go down with them. Thanks so much IPOA, ODPP, DCI and IG for swift action and LSK for representing the family. God bless you. As for the 2 female cops Cherono and Njeri there’s a special hell for women like you. I know you are mothers, how can you do this to another woman? Even if you stood by and watched you are still evil. Now go rot in jail and be exposed to the whole world so that your kids can be humiliated and grow up without a mother. Nothing angers me in this world than seeing a woman behaving like an animal. Just look at those boys innocent faces, even wild animals don’t harm children. This incident is very hurting to parents and those who are not parents alike. I personally have never felt such pain as when I saw that mom screaming, wailing and lying on the grass next to her handsome boys. How could you do this you guys? All these people from the look of their ages have kids surely, these boys look alike, you could tell that they are brothers. How could you do this surely? Constable Cherono and Corporal Njeri could you not stop your colleagues. Cursed are you among all women and cursed is the fruit of your womb. You are now the most hated people in the country and your families will face the wrath and hatred for your vile acts. Stop hiding your faces you animals. You had all the boldness to clobber these poor boys till their brains spilled out and now you are covering your faces? Too late for that now. You are about to face living hell like no other vile creatures.

It’s like police lose their humanity once they put on that uniform. Curse them. May their fate be worse than their victims

The cops will get away with it once media attention subsides. Remember the killers of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and taxi driver are yet to be convicted as the case drags slowly.