Why Africa would continue to be poor

A good number of kijiji members have never had the privilege of owning a car, now with this ban of ICE cars in 12 years time, it would be even much harder to own a car with the clown company called Kenya Power in charge, wacha ata stima, on what roads would the cars be driven na venye shagz ya talkers huwa matope na vumbi tupu? We are fcked up. #NIABM #NGMI


They will dump these engines in Africa since they know we will not enact such prohibition laws till 2099.
Anyway I believe this is revolutionary. Countries that depend on fossil fuel should brace themselves for very tough times ahead.

The manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles is equally harmful. That goal will not be achieved easily. All oil selling nations will do everything to fight that resolution and the end result will be bloody. Oil is a currency that will still be worth a lot in the many coming decades.

Mnyambo wa punda.

But they burn coal and gas to generate the same electricity so what difference does it make really? Rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

It’s funny that the resolution is coming from the “regulation superpower” that doesn’t innovate.

ni shida yao


kumaliza mwarabu…

Coal and gas combined produce more electricity for EU than Nuclear which is the no.1 source.