Why Africa Remains Poor

Because you have situations like in Tanzania where 2 million people vote against a president who has in the short 5 year brought them their biggest economic developement. I truly believe that many Africans have internalized poverty and missery as a part of their identity which is why they vote for it.


Development is not fully defined unless people have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of movement. Not unless these are guaranteed, there is no development.

Development is not only hardware. It’s also software

Halafu unakula relief food from China which runs one party.

Democracy is overrated and is Only subservient to the west. They lead and you follow. Wakisema gay is good, you say yes Sir!

And then there are way too many career lawyer politicians in kenya. Always talking and doing nothing.

The truth is that the mess we find ourselves in as a country is due to these lawyers.

Politics is not just about improving economy. If you travel around the world, you will realize that there are other parameters used by the electorates when choosing their leaders.

So maybe those 2 millions voters are no longer at the bottom of the Maslow Hierarchy of needs.



And then you wonder why people look down on your shitholes while they respect countries like China which stands against all those things you listed and has in 30 years become the second richest country. Again, no wonder Africa is poor. See if you can eat that freedom of speech, assembly, movement… What is amazing is that you would even have anything to complain about while a president is helping to lift you our of poverty and missery. Thanklessness and low IQ:ism.

You can be democratic and you are not singing west. Why do you equate democracy to gay or what west does?

The problem with you is that you only know one country that has developed without democracy. Before China developed, there were more that 50 democratic countries that had developed. You do not have to be brutal to be productive. That kind of reasoning is intellectual disability.

like @mbakuthesupreme

hehe… The fastest way for developement has been through benevelent dictatorship… That is what countries like Singapore had for 30 years after independence and its what Rwanda is said to have with Kagame which has had one of africas fastest growth for decades now… In Botswana, the country with highest living standard in subsaharan Africa had Quett Masire as vice president (whom at the same time held the title of finance minister and developement planing) for 16 years before he went to become the president for 18 years (1980-98) after Seretse Khama died. Quett Masire is considered the foudation of Botswanas growth and under his rule in 1980 Botswana averaged a 10% growth for straight almost 10 years. He stepped down in 1998 when he allowed for term limits of 2 only.

Dont write low iq nonsense you dont know anything about… And i havent said anything against democracy but pointed out that the fastest way to developement is through benevelent dictatorship. Its true wether you want to hear it or not.

What is ‘benevelent’ you high iq?. Ruling a country does not mean making a country a personal project. It is about empowering others to succeed after you are gone. I know you think Rwanda is very developed by having a single ruler for two decades. But if indeed he was a benevolent leader as you wanted to say but lacked English, he could have mentored and trusted other people to take over. You have to ask yourself, what will happen when he is gone? Libya was very advanced during Gadhafi reign, where are they now? You know why, he observed whatever you term development. Development is not all about having roads and beautiful streets, it is about liberating people and empowering them!

First of all, i didnt want to mention Rwanda, thats why i specifically wrote ‘’ its what Rwanda is said to have with Kagame which has had one of africas fastest growth for decades now ‘’… And with Lybia its a whole different situation. NATO went in and bombed, killed Gadaffi and created a terror state. Stop writing low iq nonsense.

Pewa mbili baridi! Apo kwa high iq ungeweka hiyo high in quotes. I get pissed when folks equate development to a brutal state as a prerequisite for development.