Why a Raila-Clinton presidency will be good news

The most democratic state is gearin up for elections whose outcome is going to be an interesting one. If Hillary Clinton win, we will have the first female potus and if Trump wins we will have a recanated Adolf Hitler. Anyway tommorrow we will discuss about the eggocentric, white supremacist but for now let’s discuss what a Clinton-Raila presidency will look like and how it will impact on us(Kenyans).
Unlike the GOP, the democratic party prefers a different approach to international relations. This is evident by the withdrawal of the Marines from Iraq though it has led to the emergence of Isis and Isil, the reopening of American embassy in Cuba to mention a few . Obamamonics believes in less involvement in world affairs for the economic growth and development of the free world and this has come with its own merit such as strengthening of the dollar.
So back to hillary… I believe hillary will follow the footsteps of his predecessor …i am expecting hillary to maintain a cordial rlshp with the likes of Russia and the tigers of the East…In African front, the second partion of Africa is on, capitalism and communism is gaining momentum and communism is winning the day as it comes with lots of tokens from enhancing infrastructure etc. So expect more POTUS visits and the inconvinences that come with it…
Back to Raila-Clinton presidency.

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Withdrawal from Iraq was initiated by George Bush not Obama. Obama promised to remove troops from Afghanistan and thoughvthe numbers have reduced, US forces are still in Afghan.


  2. China already won the contest before the rest knew what was going on

  3. All that is remaining is for frances colonies to be freed and China will have the energy resources it needs to mount a serious challenge to the west in this continent.


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raila to win in 2017 where will he get votes? His support is crumbling while UKs is intact

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You don’t know what you are talking about. How many countries has Obambla destroyed? Libya, Yemen, Syria etc. Obambla has spent more on the military than any photos in history, he is almost hitting the 1trillion usd mark. Relations with Russia have worsened under Obambla in other words he has revived the cold war even sabre rattling at Russia’s door. The dollar strengthened through manipulation of the interest rates not market forces.

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