Why... 0ne man punch!

I dunno how long I can be sad.


Get started on Berserk. Once you get to chapter 357 the uncertainty starts…

  1. Attack on titan
    2.Death Note
  2. One Punchman
    4.Tokyo Ghoul
  3. Parasyte
    6.Akame ga Kill!

Kuna upuzi zingine I dont know why I still find them interesting.

My hero Academia
Black lagoon

Still trying to find the energy for one piece

831 Episodes, unless you are not busy, it may take you one year to catch up,

Worth it. Nimedownload Manga mpaka chapter 500 and something.

Hata mimi nilingoja One Punch Man anime nikachoka nikaanza kusoma Manga.

I have been meaning to watch it but I do want to strap and re-watch the Alchemist!

I find it hard reading something that I do know the producers will jump some elements from the source material.

If you actually binge watch the weekend you can catch up. Luffy is just EPIC!

Manga is the source material.

Hauja ni pata. Lemme elaborate.

Back when there was even a fart for the Walking Dead TV series, I used to read the comics. Wacha AMC watoea the first episode I was thrilled but later on there were elements from the comics (source) that were removed and was like what was the point…

As for One Punch Man. I’ll just wait.

Am ni watch Pyscho Mob (round 3)

I gave up on Tokyo Ghoul season 3

Didn’t know my kind of people were here!

Wako. Ni vile hakuna forum special ya sisi!

Kuna group kama ya telegram, or twitter?

I only know for facebook groups.

Is there any that is still active?