Who's Your Health Insurance Provider?

Guys, what company would you recommend and why for someone who’s unemployed? I’m in my late twenties and there are no prospects of formal employment (not that I’m actively looking for a job anyway - at least not in the near future). I can afford monthly premiums between Ksh 1000 and 2000 presently. Also, how can I save up for my pension privately while in Kenya?


rudi Laitmawsiang muhindi mijinga wewe

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Good evening madam Sokwe. I don’t understand what you mean.

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I have no health insurance, be it nhif or a private one. My health is healthy. My faith is strong, and whenever i get sick my body heals itself.

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God is my health provider, ni God manze


Anus licker, you’re not anus licking jabass shif?

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Dogma will be the end of you…

nimekaa sana na sijakufa, na niko na option ya kubadilisha msimamo badaye. kwa sasa ivi niko sawa.

Some time britam used to have a low end health insurance. It was a partnership with safaricom sijui kaa Bado they offer. Also during Uhuru tenure NHIF could sort you. I guess this has changed. Finally ukipata familia itabidi since medical care out of pocket expenses could distabilize your pocket

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Good vibes and inshallah. Kama siku imefika imefika

First sensible reply. Ahsante.