Who's This Pauline Njoroge And Why's She Important To Nabii Gava?


A Court session was held today 14/08/2023 for mention to confirm;

  1. The DPP’s decision to charge or to close the miscellaneous file.

  2. Release of Laptop and IPhone properties of Pauline Njoki Njoroge.

The DPP confirmed that they had just received the report from DCI forensic lab in Nairobi. They sought for a further mention date for them to analyse and make an informed decision.

The defense informed the court to put on record that on 03/08/2023 at 19:05:03 hrs there was theft of Kshs. 302,842.00 from VISA bank account of Pauline Njoroge Njoki.

Consequently the defense also applied that investigation be done by DCI alongside the current investigation and a report be filed in court on the grounds that; before the theft, the DCI officers were the only third parties who had actual possession and access to the said Bank Cards before the theft.

Prosecution sought to consult with the Investigating Officer before he could make any response.

Court ordered that;

1.The matter be mentioned on Friday 18/08/2023 for the DPP to confirm their position and to release the devices.

  1. DPP to respond on the defense application seeking thorough investigation of theft of Kshs. 302,842.00 from VISA account of Pauline Njoroge.

She is the ceiling inspector wa Keriako Tobiko. Had his miscarriage (or is it abortion?) as per the interwebs.

You should know people.


She also used to be eaten by Kificho and Immediate former CIC


Yes! Its Kibicho anakula hizi vitu. Not Tobiko. Mixed up the names. Hiyo ball ilikuwa yake.

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What’s this to do with Ruto Gava?

Meffi! Its every talkers right to know whos fckin8 her.

Connection na ruto? Fuata hiyo link na uache kusumbua. Someone has even posted it here


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You idiot, you are just reposting what I posted above.

The question is why are they taking her to court? How is she important politically speaking?

Quit poking your stinky nose in subjects you have no clue to talk about, retard.


realised posted the wrong link jana. Nwy, Ikuss ni yake, I care less anapea nani. Hainihusu.

Most of the things we be seeing on tv are either biased, exaggerated or just clout. For someone like Pauline, as much as she has been around power for quite some time now, but the clout she creates make her look ‘important’ during the time she was arrested, there were like 20 Azimio mps & MCA’s that were also arrested. But because media is biased & want stories that will ‘catch’ viewers attention & these bloggers, MPs know this, it’s just a matter of media invite & call one guy & he’ll pass the memo to others. Before you know it 50 camera men are waiting at your door steps.
Someone posted about the same tactics used by lawyer Dantan omari. He jumps to trending cases to create the illusion that he’s good with matter justice…once the clout imeisha anawachia lawyers wadogo iyo kesi as he looks for the next big case so he may ‘trend’
Furthermore, she’s a blogger & spend a good time on the keyboard, she can trend at will. Just like Cyprian nyakundi or Robert Alai.
Bottom like, once umejua Kenyans love stupid stories, capitalize on that.


Most Kenyans are stupi, illiterate, petty and love stupid things


Anything puthy has no value now of ever trsut me. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

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This is the best description of Kenyans i can do

Assimio wamedai chain chain ya mkia ni tamu kama sunguch. KK wanadai pia

Azimio blogger and government critic Pauline Njoroge has laid accusations against Kenya Kwanza digital strategist Dennis Itumbi of guiding MPs on what they should say when going for media interviews.

In a document shared by Pauline Njoroge, she stated that Itumbi was coaching MPs to talk to media interviews in a certain way to quell the growing anger among the public due to the rising cost of fuel.

According to Pauline, the Kenya Kwanza government says the price of crude oil has risen to $90 up from 80$ per barrel, a global factor that has caused the rise of fuel locally contrary to what they had said during the Uhuru Kenyatta regime.

She further stated that the price of crude oil during Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration was $114 per barrel at the onset of the Russian-Ulraine war, a price higher than the current.


In the document posted by Pauline, the Russian-Ukraine war has also constrained supplies due to the international sanctions on oil in Russia.

According to the document, the ongoing maintenance of the majority of refineries around the world has also caused a reduced supply of oil.

Dennis Itumbi

The document further listed a number of current trends that according to them have led to the high cost of living stating that fuel prices were on a high uniformly in most countries around the world hitting past the 200 mark.

It also listed what the government was doing to address the situation referring to the Ksh 1.9 billion kitty the government had released which they called price stabilisation.

Additionally, it stated that the government had renegotiated prices under the kitty arrangement to have a discount on fuel prices that would see people buy at 6 shillings less.

In the document, a number of reasons were also listed to justify the energy crisis including the inability of the country to control global fuel prices and limited supply globally.

It further states that the usage of oil products for energy is one of the biggest causes of climate change and that amidst the push for clean energy, oil prices will increase further because they attract carbon penalties.

Itumbi also states that Kenya has to harness smart energy arguing that more than 90 percent of the national grid is powered by green energy sources.