Who's the true revolutionarist

Mugabe left black Zimbabweans with land, Mandela left ,black seuth efrikens landless…

Mugabe left Zimbabweans broke. And the word is REVOLUTIONARY.:smiley:

Which Zimbabweans were left with land, be specific

Those close to him.

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Mandela Ni meffi .
Malema ndiye mzito


Mandela bailed out. He realized he couldnt change South Africans minds. What he was fighting for and what he found was two different things.

total liberation of south africa was a 3 step process. Was never going to be easy and was to take atleast 20years.
Mandela had 5 very short years to rule…his work was to liberate South Africans from white supremacists then leave the rest of the job to other leaders.
Mbeki and Zuma were the ones who were supposed to carry out economic and land reforms…Mbeki tried with BEE but it was hijacked by greedy black ANC comrades who used it to enrich themselves. Zuma came in and went to bed with Indians and whites and a few of his cronies which totally left out common South Africans.

You know. You don’t need to be tutored. He was alright both by and with them jungus all along. All along until he started repossessing them jungu’s land and redestributing the same to his people. As a revenge they sabotaged Mugabe. They have the muscles. They needed no motivation to drive their media, but they gave candies to asslickers like Annan to paint the general in bad light and so on and so forth. And that’s why he left his people broke, and them jungus, therefore effectively manipulating the course of history. We must not give our hearts to them. We should know but not believe.

You mess up with the Jungus, they fvck your country’s affairs, and while they are at it they incite your people against you saying that its all your fault. How could Zimbabwe do good economically with all those sanctions?