Who's son is this

Babake lazima ni talker hapa.

Young man looks happy. I wish I could talk to my small self, I could tell myself to skive school and enjoy the world as much as possible



Kuku in the background hint identified

Sarakasi za kawaida kwa watoto. Boys will be boys, hehe.
I suspect @Baby Panay did worse, like some of us–rolling in the mud, pulling girls’ hair, losing clothes, chewing pencils and rubbers, poking others on the face, pushing grains into the nose, pouring all kinds of liquids–water, soup, milk, mucus, ink, name it–on clothes and books, even once in a while pulling the seat from under the teacher, and once or twice thinking the family goat is a doll and getting tossed by it. Utazoea tu, it’s called parenting. No wonder MGTOWs are so scared:D

huyu clearly ni @cortedivoire mdogo

How legends come home in the evening after working hard at school

Hako ni ka neck tie kameshikana na coller ya shirt ? If so, hio ni inovation kali.