Who's seen this girl?



This is it people! This is it

Its actually good…huyu ataenda hadi holly wood…ngoja rary madomo aone hii

But in the same clip there is a guy who is also singing along to the same song. Yeye ataenda Nollywood?

Huyo ndiye mwenye ngoma…meffi…toa ujanja hapa

Boss,kama hujaona hiyo clip yote iangalie tena. What I meant is that there is also another guy (not the mzungu singer) who sings the song after the ‘mukurino’ sounding mwoman. That is the one am talking about. Check it again and come and tell me meffi again… @the blank templar

hehehe mimi siskizi tena…

I’m onley wanu corro awaay… Heheheheeeeee hapo ndio kung’oa tranjifoma imefikisha tuyellow yellow twa nyere

Waaaaaaaaaah! This is why I am proud to be a Mungich!