Who's More Powerful, Influencial Between A Governor And A Cabinet Secretary?

Most of the people will say that a Governor is more powerful, but also remember governors are only responsible for a single county while a CS’s scope covers 47 counties. A single CS is the overall in charge of let’s say 47 Educational Head Offices.

CS wield almost equal power as govenors although they can lose their jobs at any moment.

Now, what do we do with this information?

Governor hands down

County Budget Vs Ministerial Budget

A good number of Cabinet Secretaries are heading ministries whose functions are devolved.

Governors have a higher social standing. CS ni watchman fulani.

Depends with ministry…the likes of foreign affairs,education,health, finance,internal security, energy and even agric are more lucrative and more powerful depending on the person at the helm…some of them have enormous budgets and reach.

-Enda uangalie budgetary allocations za ministries then za counties

-after hapo look at the resources CSs and governors control directly

-Ukimaliza hapo look at the parastatals under each ministry

(A large number of state owned enterprises have bigger annual budgets than most counties )

Governors wana cheza ligi ya parastatal chairmen

A CS is not even as powerful as the PS. A county governor has enough resources to give tenders to DCI and DPP’s relatives. Judge na watu wa EACC wakitaka kufanya biz pia wanaeza pata tender, bora file zipotee…

I don’t know about power and influence. There are nuances to the political system in Kenya that raia like us don’t know about. For example that Koinange fellow who recently died. He sat on some parliamentary security committee. On paper he was just an MP right? In reality you may find that someone like Matiangi used to consult him before making certain moves. However I think governors have a better deal for the sole reason that they have some degree of autonomy. A CS always has the president breathing down his neck. He appointed them, they serve at his pleasure. A governor answers to who? The senate? The county assembly? The voters? Certainly they don’t “eat” as much as a CS but what they get is all theirs.

CS wa interior ni powerful than any Governor in Kenya same with Devolution CS. Others not so much

a gavana is accountable to no one, Obado aliuwa mtu live bado anazunguka, alitusi ODM bado anazunguka, MCAs wa ODM walipewa kitu wametulia.

A minister unaweza chujwa any time . Keter amepelekwa devolution ministry straped off all serious departments, naskia ako na budget ya 2 billion.

Former finance minister anahangaika siku hizi kortini. Obado kesi ya wizi ya county money zikaenda Australia anakunywa cham polepole .

Gavana ukishikwa ni kulia tribal cry na watu wanaleta shida .

id rather be a gavan with a 4 billion budget than a CS with a 50 billion budget .

a CS does not loot vile munafikiria, he has to be authorized by the president na apate some crumbles

Devolution CS ndio mdosi wa hao Governors

ety CS
guza kibicho na matiangi kende uone moshi ata ukiwa gavana

this discussion can go on indefinitely because the constitution of a ‘democracy’ such as ours allowed some fluidity to enable checks and balances. This is why you will never ask yourself whether a military service commander is more powerful than the chief justice. the TSC secretary’s powers somehow parallel those of the CS education. The ceo KRA who controls a shadowy but effective intelligency and enforcement outfit may be more feared by county governors more than the CS treasury who speaks like has padlocked balls. Elsewhere, you can ask between the catholic pope and the un secretary general, bla bla. but i guess its these discussions that make mogoka sweet to idlers

On paper its the county assembly and the voters. Its not always the case however. Which is why devolution is at risk of failing.

As for CS, they are answerable to that joke of a National Assembly who are all in the pocket of the Kenyatta family. That is why this country is rapidly sinking.

[SIZE=7]How Ida, Oburu saved Okoth Obado’s job[/SIZE]
Monday, October 12, 2020https://nation.africa/resource/image/1935152/landscape_ratio16x9/480/270/578d69cfd46cd31ce4b1724d4baf96e2/HO/bado.jpg
By Rushdie Oudia & Ian Byron
[SIZE=6]What you need to know:[/SIZE]
[li]On Saturday, the Odingas invited the governor to their meeting with Kikuyu Council of Elders in Bondo, where he was even offered an opportunity to address the guests.[/li][li]Mr Obado utilised his golden chance by asking Mr Odinga to consider him in the Luo delegation to Central Kenya.[/li][/ul]
For months, the governor was on a razor edge as the Orange Democratic Party plotted his ouster due to his association with Deputy President William Ruto in a region largely considered Raila Odinga’s base.
However, the impeachment drive has now been halted with help coming from the most unlikely of places: Mr Odinga’s family. Party sources told the Nation yesterday that the intervention of Ida Odinga and Dr Oburu Oginga saved Mr Obado’s job.
The two brokered a truce between the governor and Orange House, which had whipped Migori ward representatives to topple the executive in a bid aimed at stopping the growing influence of Dr Ruto in South Nyanza politics.
“He (Obado) sought help from Mama Ida, who intervened with Dr Oginga last week even as party stalwarts kept piling pressure on the MCAs to proceed with the impeachment plan. He has yet again survived because the motion has been stopped,” said the source.