Who's In Love With A DJ?

The DJ on the right holding the Adidas chick looks like a 2-D mock up.


[SIZE=6]DJs accuse city inspectorate officers of harassment
[SIZE=4]On a serious note, I think that NEMA and Sonko’s ill-trained ‘police’ are exploring the nightclub scene as new avenues for making bribe money. They should come with decibel meters and leave the scene if the music does not exceed the mandated limits. If there is a violation, they should issue a citation or summons to appear in court, not grab expensive eqiuipment and arrest the DJs and musicians oin the spot. Hakuna mtu ameuwawa, or what my frens?[/SIZE]

Shiney eyes manenoz

@Touchlyrics tell us the whole story…

Hehehehe he does look 2D with those jeans

@Touchlyrics ako cell. Shida ya kukaa bedshitter, everything is noisy and exaggerated. Hata kudownload ngoma kutoka net ni kama umewasha compressor ya garage.

Hii kunyanyaswa imezidi, the amount of bribes tunatoanga kubail wasee has increased tenfold. Its like kazi ya council na police sikuhizi nikuamka asubuhi na kubrainstorm ni wapi watakulia pesa. Hii drama ndio inaanza. Like I said, sonko ni ngombe



@Nattydread and @Touchlyrics co-existing on same thread. Kweli siasa imeisha.
Na wacha babu aitwe babuon

Vyonne chakachaka

jimwat is still in the industry?!:eek: like what does he sing? folk-songs?