Who's At Fault: Daughter, Dad or Side Chick?

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[I][B]Whatevaaa yua dadi duu is nun of yua businezzz. Let him enijoyy.
Wen David was old, they put yangii gal tuu slipu beside him tuu kip him warm. Nii maandikooo

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“Mwanamke hata akiwa mdogo akiolewa na baba yako utamuita mama,” Remmy Ongala.

finger and thumb wa @PHARMACY huuza mdudu infested WARES 50 bob mlolongo

The most stupid mboch wa kimilili , enda ukalinde property za kwift humbwer takataka

Binti awache ujinga. She was never conceived to come to earth so as to police her father’s sex life. Man is accountable for where he buries his shtick to God alone, because he is God’s property, not his wife’s, or his daughter’s. As for the man, he should respect his family by keeping his affairs away from them, so as to have peace at home. He lacks wisdom. Both acted foolishly. Side chick did what the man allowed her to do; she shouldn’t have been invited, the man is respobsible for her presence in his life, he’s to blame. A man drives relationships, and sets boundaries, and rules his women with authority. That’s a man. Nansenz.

The girl has but one mother. Her mother is dead. To say that she is devastated is a gross understatement.

The girl’s father, on the other hand, can marry and fučk as many women as his soul desires.

As a parent and the elder of the two, the man should have been considerate and have had more sense in his thick bald head not to bring his side chick to the burial/funeral of the mother of his children. He should have been sensitive enough to consider that his children are traumatised and not aggravate the situation like a fučking moron.

Usimpige mzazi.

The man is free to associate with whichever woman he feels like