WhoreDieEm Is Still Disintegrating

[SIZE=6]Crisis hits ODM after claims IT officers manipulated nominees list sent to IEBC

A new crisis hit ODM over nominations just hours before the electoral commission closed submissions and gazetted a list of candidates.

Sources say fraud and forgery saw the party send a new list of nominees to the IEBC.

More worrying is that Orange House says junior officers in the IT department colluded with the commission’s IT officers to substitute names, without the party’s blessings.

The changes, said to have been made in the dead of the night two days ago, affected Muhoroni, Nyatike, Nyakach and Kisumu East constituencies. Some wards across the country were also affected.

The changes are said to have been effected at the IEBC at 2 am on Wednesday.

Orange House says they cannot trace the IT officer who altered the list and that he is the only one with the password.

But officials of the party led by NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga are said to be struggling to rectify the situation.

Questions have been raised on how a junior officer could have effected the changes without instructions from executive director Oduor Ong’wen, National Elections Board chairperson Judith Pareno or secretary general Agnes Zani.


The Opposition chief met all aspirants for city posts to woo them into supporting his party’s candidates.

He acknowledged challenges, which he blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party for, but encouraged “healing”, “moving on” and supporting ODM nominees.

But trouble is also brewing in Bungoma, where officials of Senator Moses Wetang’ula’s Ford Kenya party want ODM aspirants to quit races for them as Raila is flag bearer.

Now you know why ODM keeps accusing the IEBC of planning to rig elections by computer. The untrustworthy innkeeper distrusts his clients. ;););)[/SIZE]

They want a tallying center just for themselves:eek:

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How is anyone supposed to have a serious discussion after ‘WhoreDieEm’? Would it have killed you to write ODM?

Who told you that this was a discussion? It could not have been Arap Mashamba or Macho Nyanya.

Say, this one is"irked" by the term, but when all is said and done, with all the negative ethnicity projected towards the agikuyu, rekindling the 41/1 bigoted mantra of 07, they, CHOOSE to turn a blind eye, until the masses says “guess what buddy, I n I ain’t having non of this shit…” saa hiyo ndio utaanza kusikia “marginalised tribes,tumefinywa ndaaani”
Where are the Kiais and Co Right now when you have time to mitigate, that is if they “really care”?
Say, who is fooling who?