Ooh yeah put that old black fart sitting at the highest court on land in his place . He got no vagina and has no reason to make decisions around what happens inside a vagina . Let vagina holders decide themselves.
Black old fart!!

As usual I’ll call out the following young farts to respond:

@ChifuMbitika @Nyamgondho @captain obvious @patco @Kodiaga @purple

Hii ni bottoms up?

Google “Clarence Thomas”

You are very learned . Much respect.

Aboshon is a crime

Leta list ya trump supporters

Totally concur with you.

Women’s reproductive health needs to be left to them to decide.

Infact they need to put that on a (referendum) ballot and only women should be allowed to vote on it.

Hiyo tu!

Not to cast aspersions at @Aka mpole efforts, but I thought that it would be expected that any American resident, foreign or not, would be well aware of the opponents of the Roe v Wade considering them judges have even had their addresses shared online.

Are women with penis allowed to be included in that vote? Hapo my friend ndio mtaanza story zingine. US kuna maneno.

Then they will say birthing women… It never ends.

Sounds woke to me, yes the process happens in their bodies but the process is aided by men. So why should men be left out of the conversation ama watoi ni wa wamama only?

Thought that was sarcasm from @Bottoms :smiley:

if the little son of a harlot @Aka mpole never saw it coming:D

Publishing private information online without express consent from the involved part is a legal liability that would cost you greatly. If you are a foreigner, you would be subject to removal from the United States and a 10 year ban from accessing the US placed on you.

Waah, you are meffi in my eyes what is wrong with you today :smiley:

I had no idea mkubwa. Not at all.

It’s very serious, but hao wasee wakishikwa, watakiona. Wacha temperature zishuke alafu FBI iwaendee

hii kijiji si ya homosexuals like you we are conservatives waiting kuapishwa kwa POTUS TRUMP 2024

How are you my friend,I dreamt that i had visited you in Ohayoo.My dream of connecting with you is finally unfolding

Depression iliisha,where is my fishing regalia my bottom friend?

Mbwa ghasia takataka,jua kuosha mkunduo kwanza kabla uite wengine homosexuals

Tombwa na @Thirimaii utulie