Whooohoooo, Its a Friyay People! Kujeni kidogo

You guys are always posting about some good music, sasa leo nataka tufanye kitu tofauti let us post good authentic songs in our local languages, explain what the song is about if you can as well.

Wacha nainze


…giiki gitiary kihiki understanding kiary kihiki disterbing…Its about the author of the song who was robbed by a pretty woman at her house (He met her at a bar in muranga), he was fed and treated well by the woman at her house till he fell asleep, then he woke up suddenly, realising that he is late for his trip and ran out of the girls house grabbing his clothes and driving off and finally crashing in Sagana town (Mind you the car ni ya job, he was on his way to get his boss in Nyeri), he then goes to the courts for drunk driving and gets jailed, and consequently gets fired from his job!, then says its the womans fault that his life is now ruined. :D:D:D:D:D:D

Awesome song with some life lessons.

Ongezeeni zingine priss


Hii ndio luhga ya wanaktalk… Huyu jamaa anasema anapenda kujipaka mafuta ya Vaseline.


Hapa wanaongea vile walianza kuhustle…but enyewe what happened to this kenyan sound … shiiiiit!!!hiyo bass and how i know every lyric to date nashanga![ATTACH=full]159089[/ATTACH]

Back in High School our English teacher encouraged us that during holidays we should watch the movie ‘Merchant of Venice’ to help us understand better the set book. I ended up watching the DJ Afro version where Antonio was a Ndenderu tycoon with a garage at Grogon plus rentals in Mwiki and Bassanio was a land broker in mwihoko. Shylock was gathee sumbua. Venice was kusini mashariki mwa Kaskazini.
That’s how the book confused me till the last day.

kuna ingine ya DRUFF hadi waleo najuwa lyrics huenda ivi

ni kwa sababu yako manzi yangu ashakuwa wako nilidhani mimi ni beste yako

What an awesome tune.
How tragic…:frowning:

I listen to Chai was 14 by Musaimo. Lots of history and deep culture in that song.


Wacha tuskize

You’ve made my day!

This is how people fail exams.

hii song nikimeza gibleys pale home Kimilili nasumbuanga wananchi sanaaa


kariuki wa kîarutara - reke turîmwo


Mumunya eh…
All along my mum told me the bugger was singing about sweets.
I cannot find the video but i found one I loved to sing in the shower awhile back. [I]Wendo witù warì Virgini.


Poompaff, kumbe wewe ni mtu wa merchant na hizi streets hushikiki, respect ur elders!

hii iko juu sana!

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You have just reminded me of this movie and how it was the basis of all the tales i would lie about reading shakespear books…hollywood really lost its creativity these days…they can’t pull such stunts