Wholesale Alcohol

Vipi wadau have a private function coming up na nataka kuget Genuine drinks in bulk beers/spirits/etc. Asking for pointers to where in town I can purchase in bulk/wholesale prices like the club owners. Nimesikia sijui Rwathia but sipajui any contacts & directions pia will help. Sandeni

Sande sana msito @Agwambo for this nishapajua. https://kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/where-do-you-buy-your-mzinga-affordably-in-town.202005/

Pitia inbosk nikupee contact ya Rwathia, msee wa lorry distribution.

Rwathia Iko hapo off Luthuli avenue opposite mahali Kenya Mpya buses zilikuwa zinabebea.
It’s a very small shop so it’s easy to miss it!

weka contact hapa

Wilkister +254 708 882528. Tom Mboya Street. Distributes in town.

Tricky sana uncle, check inbox for location contact not really important.