Whoever invented the idea of hell ....mhhhhh


I believe hell is the reaction of all your bad deeds. It’s karma

Ezekiel 28:12-19 i always thought old nick was created by the G-man,and he doesn’t look anyway the religious folks portray him.
saa zingine ni kutumia mihadarti mingi inakupa hisia za kishenzi

Hell is just a myth, an ideology that was started by christians to make themselves feel better about dying. Either way, in case it exists, it will be more fun to be in hell than in heaven, most of us will be there anyway.

Yeah… the hell/heaven thing is just there to make people feel better. I personally like the Islam version of heaven and its 72 virgins. I wonder what the islam chicks get when they go to heaven? 72 studs? :smiley: :smiley:

There is this thing about telling a small kid frightening things about that you don’t want them to do and nice things to encourage the good deeds. It almost sounds as though that concept has been ported and thrown smack on the face of humanity and indeed almost universally bought!

ya’ll asleep

Hell is real you guys. Just like God, Angels, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy.
Seek ye first the kingdom, and all other things shall be added unto you.
[SIZE=1]If you believe in a God, you’re as woke as a flat-earther. [/SIZE]

quit mocking boy

Hi brethren, have you sought the kingdom?
What’s the name of your dukedom?
[SIZE=1]fun-fact: christian were staunch flat-earthers. Y’all were cut from the same cloth.[/SIZE]

i am in no religion

ever wondered how we came to exist

ever wondered how God came to exist?

i think this might help, boy

Which hallucinogens were readily available when that was penned?

This God told Enoch

Choose a stance boy. And tell your God to end suffering in the world, he doesn’t have to be narcissistic. Kids are dying prematurely in Syria while some all-knowing dude is chilling on his throne:D:D:D

You have been allocated time and free will…do things that are acceptable and pleasing to Him and you’ll be with Him in The Heavens…or do things that don’t please Him but the devil and end up in hell…anyway life is a test, even when you give the hungry a slice of bread it still counts, boy

Religion is a series of circular arguments designed to control the masses.
In the case of the various quotes mentioned the gist is this…
Qn. Who said that?
Ans. God did(in reality a Kamau did).
Qn. How do you know that?
Ans. Because God is all knowing,powerful,loving, and present; therefore, what God says indeed must be.

It all then proceeds as such ad nauseam!

its not about religion…its the word of God