Who would you prefer as your Master? The Murderous West or The Nasty Easterners?

You know for us Africans we have no choice. We are resource rich but have brain cavities so the West and The East will exploit us for centuries. Right now the Chinese are busy drilling us with minimal lube, their arch rivals are not happy either.

The Africans have a choice! The self reject!

When presented with a choice between two evils, the option is to reject both evils. There is only one viable choice, choose ourselves; seek the best from within, there the solution to our woes can be found.

Many African leaders owe their loyalties elsewhere, in those places they aid in the theft of resources, those who also assist them to hide all the looted treasures of the continent.

I prefer the Orientals anyday. Look at the changes China has brought to Kenya in less than 20 years? If we don’t listen to the noise by others, Chinese investors will help solve the housing shortages and they build quality buildings at a fraction of the cost other investors charge
At the bottom of humanity is Arabs then white people. At the top of humanity is black people.

…and where do you place the Asians- Indians, Filipinos etc.
One cannot be at the top, if they are not capable of placing a fellow black person at that mantle.

Perhaps one distinction between the some Whites and the rest of the group; there is always a small group among their sons and daughters, a voice that objects to the cruel deeds of their fellow Whites, fights against the vice of human indignity. It does not happen in any Oriental or Arab peoples, those of the upper castes are a god unto themselves and without dignity.

No fear of Allah, or of the many deities in Asia can compel either an Arab or Oriental to retract their behaviours towards blacks or stand up for an injustice. They are all in agreement with the bad deed they conjure against blacks.

Neither of these people are responsible for developing the African continent, building houses or roads etc., they do not have a duty to give us loans, whilst the supposed enlightened of the continent steal and send back the funds for safe keeping in the western hemisphere.
[COLOR=rgb(71, 85, 119)]The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave. Proverbs 22:7