Who would you choose?


I can pick …Suarez, Aguero, salah and nibakishe 1$ niuziwe benzema na bei ya Jioni… Heheh I end up with 4

this ishard

Messi, Aguero, Cavani

Messi, Mbabe and Sanchez.

Sanchez, Hazard and Ronaldo

Messi Salah Higuain

huyu ni mgani bro??

Paaaasssss! —>

Vile Mulosi amesema

Messi, Suarez and Sanchez

William Samoei Ruto…sorry… isn’t it about politics??let me read it now


Kane, Salah, Dzeko

Aguero, Salah, Higuain, Benzema.

Choose only 3

Aguero, Salah, Higuain.

You’ve got $10 to spend. Aguero costs $3, Salah $3, Higuain $2 and Benzema $2. You’re within the budget. But in this scenario you’re only allowed a choice of three. Meanwhile how do you expect Aguero, Higuain and Benzema to work it out? They practically play in the same position.

kama Aubameyang hayuko wacha ikae .

Messi, salah $ cavani